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6/12/11 8:26 A

Thank you for such a thoughtful response. You are truly inspiring. It means so much to me to see the success of other real people who have successfully turned their life around and regained health and fitness.

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6/11/11 11:25 P

Hi Cindy,

Below is a link to the Ask the Experts response to this question. I will also add that genetics is also a factor as to how our skin rebounds when losing weight.

I hope this helps!

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6/11/11 10:41 P

A few tips I used..
1. Compression garments like bra helped my 100 dd suffer mimimal saggage..
It not just a bra it is a top that support the whole area, I wore it day and night..

There is absolutely no bounce with them, they are very comfortable and I forget I have it on..

2. Compression tights, they also reduce the skin drag and supported me..

3. Slow weight loss, and strength training is the best way to avoid skin removal.. Lossing 176lbs I couldn't get off free without the doctors worries about my stomach skin causing bed sores..

I didn't have the money, we will do it free as having sagging skin that causes bed sores is just as dangerous as being morbit obese! That was the message I was told at a public hospital..
They get a public servant wage and have no agenda to push me to get purchased surgery!

In denmark excess skin is removed if people do the work and change their lifestyle.. Thankyou denmark for modern thinking revolution in health care.. That was a huge carrot to keep up doing my journey.. "Free" plastic surgery and the fact I had to wait a year gave me good time to workout maintance....

I hate my excess skin on my arms, but the muscle deal does improve how my skin sits..

how I looked when huge..

trying to be a lemming trying hitting BMI utopia and bumming out because evolution dictates we women should put on weight to carry babies safely and more cushioning to avoid broken bones when old..

I ain't 100 perfect, but have found ways to make this journey a done deal.. If I wanted to avoid the saggy skin- best advice no overeat or yo yo with my weight.. Keep it steady state as crappy as the moderation deal is.. It hurts the ego less efterwards to realise this before it becomes fact..

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6/11/11 10:35 P

Make sure you lose slowly like UNIDENT suggested, but as you tone up you may find it firms up a bit!

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
6/11/11 10:25 P

How fast have you lost? Saggy skin is usually a side effect of rapid weight loss, and why the site recommends just one pound a week for most people. If you're losing much faster than that it can take years for the skin to adjust, and in extreme cases it won't.

Ensure you are losing nice and slowly. If you are still noticing a difference, that is probably something only surgery will fix for you. Sagging skin can't be tightened with exercise, unfortunately.

CINDYJWOODS SparkPoints: (2,719)
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6/11/11 10:19 P

The weight that I have lost so far seems to have all come off my stomach, and my skin is already starting to sag down. Does this loose skin get any better over time?

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