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1/1/13 8:36 A

Good luck!

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1/1/13 7:56 A

Wishing you good luck! Please be careful.

1/1/13 2:13 A

Thank You. I just feel if there are others taking time to accomplish the same goal as yourself and if they push you to motivate you then you in return appreciate them for helping you gain control of your life and you are both on the road for success. Doing it with someone else makes you feel like your obligated. LOL kinda when you have children or a spouse and have to make dinner, you're obligated and they depend on you for that.

I too hope I can find someone soon. The messed up thing is I KNOW how and what I am supposed to eat and when ect... and I picture myself getting out and excercising but unfortunately everything stops at the thought :-(

1/1/13 1:27 A

You have expressed a good idea when you said you want to find someone to commit to. I am on the east coast, but I have had someone encouraging me onto the road of healthy eating and exercise and it made me feel a little bit shy. I almost felt like I had done something wrong by letting myself put on pounds, but what you have said in your post caused me to change that shy feeling into one of appreciating my Encourager more than before as someone who really believes in the the future Me that I am capable of being. I hope you will let us all know who you find to workout with you!

1/1/13 12:07 A

I am looking for a workout partner in Orange County CA, preferably close to Garden Grove. I am looking for walking partner, exercise, aerobics, kickboxing ect..... I am far from being in shape and am 41 years old. I need a motivator, someone that I have to commit to, as I don't like to let others down. Lets accomplish our goals together. Don't care if you are male or female as long as you are on the up and up and there is no need to fear you. Just watching out for my safety. Would like to start this as soon as possible here for the New 2013!!!! contact me here or at

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