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4/9/13 7:48 P

Try, seriously if Amazon doesn't have it then it doesn't exist

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4/9/13 6:38 P


I've looked at Dick's, no luck. What I've seen has primarily been on the web. I know if I want black or navy...I'm covered. I just wanted more options. I wish I had the skill set to make them myself.

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4/9/13 6:35 P

For me, the men's boardshort don't have the proper rise, so they sit too low on the hips. I know that Land's End have some....but they are short. I've been looking for a longer length. I'm just surprise someone hasn't made them in plus size tailored to women with more variety.

The hunt continues....

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4/9/13 1:43 P

I have some from Ron Jon's that I love. I've had them for many years. One is navy with some patches of burgundy; the others are khaki.

They are actually men's swimwear, but there wasn't anything in the women's selections that looked like what I wanted. These are the perfect length (not down to my knees, but not 'Daisy Dukes' either). I wear them with a tankini top and I'm perfectly comfortable without looking like a grandma (nothing wrong with grandmas - I'm just not ready to look like one yet!)

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4/9/13 12:51 P

Maybe try Land's End...

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4/8/13 9:02 P

Have you tried different sporting goods stores? They may be a little more expensive than department stores, but the quality is usually much better.

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4/8/13 8:52 P

Hello All,

I'm seriously contemplating having some custom board shorts made for me. I'm looking for some cool looking shorts in colors other than black or navy that I can lounge on the beach in and jump in the water as well. In a perfect world they would be made out of that performance material that sheds water easily Does anyone else have this problem? Have you found an awesome pair that work instead of clump and ride up?


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