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10/22/12 5:58 P

I do a "watered down" version of HIIT, but it has me crawling when I'm done. This is an example:
Set your interval timer for 50 sec on /10 sec rest intervals. Set to repeat 10 times.
(you can mix it up with whatever high intensity moves you want. During your 10 sec rest, just walk in place or walk in a circle.)

1) jump rope
2) jump rope
3) high knees
4) butt kickers
5) cross jacks
6) cross jacks
7) walking lunges
8) high knees
9) butt kickers
10) walking lunges

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10/22/12 5:15 P

HIIT is one extreme. The link given below by Jen is interval training not HIIT.

With HIIT you really do attempt to work at 99% for typically 30 seconds. i.e imagine running a 200m sprint race on a track, You then take 2 minutes rest and do it again. Typically you do this five times. When done correctly you don't walk off the track - you crawl off it . in my early days as an athlete. our rare HIIT sessions would cause me to sleep for an extra 4 hours...

It is NOT fun, it hurts and you need to be in top condition to do it well. When it is done correctly then there are major benefits in the production of fat reducing enzymes. There is also tentative evidence that HIIT brings about a prolonged change in metabolic rate.The HIIT regime is close to being defined by these enhanced effects.

HIIT is not for everyone. I have seen athletes be sick after a short session.

Interval training as described in the link is chiefly there to increase lactic tolerance and CV capacity.In it's own way it is as hard and will burn calories more quickly than low intensity work. In truth - it is far easier to eat less :)

It's interesting. HIIT as an idea seems to be being corrupted in the same way as strength training. It as being watered down as a technique to sell to the masses.

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10/22/12 5:07 P

I like to incorporate bodyweight and kettlebell exercises into my HIIT sessions.

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10/22/12 2:29 P

This article has a workout you might find helpful:

Coach Jen

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10/22/12 2:26 P

I prefer to do HIIT on a treadmill. I choose a program of periodic stair-like intensity increase in the form of inclination of the treadmill. I set the speed at the max. I can run for 30min. That way I am forced to run a finite number of very high intensity intervals. If I do it outside, I don't run as intense, because on the treadmill, it forces you to keep up, so the same very high intensity in the beginning of the workout feels like even higher intensity towards the end. There has been times when I reduced the velocity towards the end, but there has also been times that I have completed the whole workout flawlessly. It depends on the day.

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10/22/12 2:15 P

Does anyone have any HIIT work out suggestions that are more effective, fun, etc that the norm? Just curious about what other folks are doing.


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