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ARTDANCE Posts: 15
3/22/14 12:59 P

Love it! Thanks, Eelpie!

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
3/22/14 12:31 P

@ CARRIEANEW - youtube has hundreds of pilates workouts, for free - all levels, etc. I do pilates and yoga at home - I even found Leslie Sansome at home walking on there, Denise Austin is on there...

Go to youtube and type in beginners pilates. They have everything there, even strength training..

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ARTDANCE Posts: 15
3/22/14 11:46 A

I think this is so common when we have weight we want to lose to feel that everyone is judging us. I used to have a huge fear of gyms until I married a fitness trainer and spent day after day in the gym. While I didn't manage my food well at that time, I built a lot of muscle over my fat. lol. Whatever you do, don't worry about working out in public right now. You will see after time that those people you think are judging you are so worried about their own public image they really don't care about yours. There is this saying...People will love you and people will hate you and it has nothing to do with you. I love that saying. But seriously, it really doesn't matter where or when you work out. Oh, btw, pilates can be you and the instructor (expensive that way) or you can share the class with 2 or 3 others. It's very individual and if the instructor knows their stuff, you will get lots of attention. It's NOT like a big aerobics class.

The bike is great!!!

3/22/14 10:37 A

That would be great-thank you!

I think my fear of Pilates comes mostly from being embarrassed to exercise in front of others. Ugh! It's embarrassing enough for me to see how out of shape I am when I am totally alone. I know I need to get over it, but for now, I am tackling one thing at a time. So I bought an exercise bike and have been taking 15-30 minute rides a few times a day. Hopefully, I will build up enough stamina to branch out into other (more public) forms of exercise. Baby steps, right?

ARTDANCE Posts: 15
3/21/14 1:19 P

I'll let you know about the book. It's about how to battle emotional eating. I'm a pro so thought that would be a good one for me.

I used to own a scrapbook store in West L.A. There was a pilates studio next door so I took a few classes and really liked it. Then I moved. This was in 2008. I've recently moved closer to my daughter and she has taken me to 2 different yoga studios and while that is so challenging for me, everyone goes at their own pace. Then she dragged me to this pilates studio yesterday. I've only gone once, but I really liked it better. It was just easier for me. She also talked me into getting a foam roller which I did this morning. The technique is called Melting and you basically roll your body on this roller. It's like giving yourself a massage. I get very tight in my lower back and the backs of my legs. Probably from sitting too much. You can google "Melting Technique" to learn more. Pilates isn't scary at all. The table (actually called something else) helps with the stretching. It controls your movements and prevents injury.

I'm rooting for you too!

3/21/14 1:08 P

No, but it sounds intriguing! I am interested to know what you think about it once it arrives.

Also, I am interested by the fact that you do Pilates as have been too scared to do it. Embarrassed at how inept I am? For now I am exercising at home. I bought an exercise bike and that was a HUGE step for me. Would love to hear about your Pilates exeriences sometime.

In the meantime, I'm cheering you on! We can do this!!

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ARTDANCE Posts: 15
3/21/14 12:48 P

Thanks, Carrie. I'm really going to work in staying here this time. I'm trying to do this with a mind frame that's different from my past attempts. There have been many but I agree with you in that they were all practice. This whole physical experience is practice and sometimes I'm just too hard on myself. I will get over that. This is just my fourth day in so thanks for the support. It means a lot.
My pilates teacher told me about a book, Stop eating your heart out. Have you read it? Just curious. I ordered it from Amazon.

Have a great day!

3/21/14 11:49 A

Hello, ARTDANCE-Yes, we are here! I am a returning member after having lost, then gained back my weight. I choose to view the past attempts not as failures but as practice. I was strengthening the muscles that I needed in order to make lasting changes this time around.

I love your quote about staying in alignment. Everything becomes easier when we get on/stay on the path that is right for us. For me, it's about listening to the whispers and then adjusting my trajectory, as needed.

We will get there! Welcome, ARTDANCE.

ARTDANCE Posts: 15
3/21/14 11:04 A

Thanks, Coach Tanya! Very helpful!

TONKA14 Posts: 4,947
3/21/14 8:29 A

Welcome back! Teams are a great way to connect with other people with similar interests or goals. Here is an article to help you get connected.

Spark Your Motivation with SparkTeams
Tips for Using Your SparkTeam Page

Coach Tanya

ARTDANCE Posts: 15
3/20/14 11:04 A

I came back to SP 3 days ago and am looking for people to communicate and share support with. I love to write and be social and want to feel this journey with those of like.

In the past, I have always started weight loss endeavors with gusto and vigor and then quickly slipped into boredom, telling myself I can have this and that while this and that put weight on me.

I'd like to figure out tricks for getting through the evenings and tricks for not going over my fat allowance.

Since it's the beginning, I'm sure I'm detoxing right now and a bit headachy and I know it's playing with my happy mood. Maybe you have helpful hints for this. emoticon

I'm sure you are out there. You are looking for me as I am looking for you. Can't wait to get to know you so we can help each other in looking and feeling great. emoticon

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