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KNUCKLES145 Posts: 16,139
6/5/13 4:25 P

"bouncing" on a stability ball?

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,764
6/5/13 1:56 P

Swimming, but talk to your doc first.

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6/5/13 12:54 P


Congratulations on losing 95-100 pounds ! That's fantastic.

I too have to ask if you've consulted your doctor. Did they give the all clear to do any type of exercise with that knee ? If your doctor wants you to lay off exercise until surgery, you may want to lay off. Any activity you do puts your knee at risk for further injury. It doesn't take much to tweak a knee and end up limping. It's happened to me lots of times. I have wonky knees.

If your doctor says it's okay to swim or use a bike, I would stick to whatever they recommend.

Now, I'm going to be honest. When it comes to weight loss or even weight gain, what matters most is what we eat. good nutrition is what takes the weight off and keeps it off. exercise is what keeps our bodies fit and healthy. In short, you can't outrun a bad diet with exercise.

I can assure you that if you eat right and watch your portions, you will not gain weight because you can't exercise. And if the weight does start creeping on, then you really need to take a hard look at your nutrition. Now that you can't exercise as intensely as you'd like, you will need to be more mindful of what you eat.

I didn't lose as much weight as you, but for many years I was a yo yo dieter. What I've learned from my own weight loss journey is that in order to take the weight off and keep it off, I really do have to eat right and so will you.

talk to your doctor and if they say no exercise, you're going to have to listen.

CHEETARA79 Posts: 3,918
6/5/13 12:11 P

ELLARIAN Posts: 1,254
6/5/13 12:09 P

My orthopedist wants me doing additional leg strength training before surgery to help stabilize my knee and to reduce pain... but wants reduced walking as possible and no running or high impact. After surgery it will be a long recovery and awhile till i can bear weight on the leg due to the ligaments being reconstructed and then also even more so due to them having to break my tibia. The shadow boxing is a great idea!!! I won't likely see the physical therapist until a few wks after surgery, but did see them last fall while trying to prevent surgery in the first place and they had me doing strength training.

I've been watching my cal fairly closely due to the inability to do intense cardio now... and have had not too big of a problem... as according to my bmf i'm still burning around 2000 cal a day.

CUDA440 SparkPoints: (85,707)
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6/5/13 11:44 A

CONGRATS ON YOUR 95-100 lb loss!!!!! AMAZING
Talk to Dr.
But see if you can do shadow boxing while sitting down. You can do LOTS of punches to work upper body and boost heart rate.
Watch diet CLOSELY! measure and you may need to drop your calorie range since you will not be burning as many calories.


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SUSAN_FOSTER Posts: 1,229
6/5/13 11:36 A

Did you talk to your doctor about it? Could you see a physical therapist for ideas?

JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
6/5/13 8:49 A

As someone who had a torn ACL and miniscus back in the day, I feel your pain!

Walking will probably be okay, but just google low impact cardio, and they will have some routines that don't have much impact!

ELLARIAN Posts: 1,254
6/5/13 8:00 A

I'm looking for low-weight bearing cardio ideas besides swimming and biking... ideas that I can easily do in my apt for a lil while (a couple months) as it was confirmed yet again yesterday that I need a High Tibial Osteotomy... and unfortunately was also told yesterday that my MRI on sat morning showed a complete, grade III ACL tear and a partial/mostly torn grade II PCL tear. Thank goodness the LCL (which was noticed on the physical exam by a PA a few weeks ago and is what prompted the first x-ray and referral to orthopedics/orthopedic surgery) is only lax with maybe some micro tears in it. I will be having a double ligament reconstruction at the same time as a larger wedge than normal for a high tibial osteotomy early to mid July (waiting for the orthopedic surgeon to seek consults w/ other orthopedic surgeons due to the complexity of my case... he even referred me out to someone else to get an outside second opinion as well due to my complexity).

I somehow am walking on this, and ran a half marathon 2 wks ago even on it (the half may have finished off the ligaments, esp the ACL). I would have had a hard time believing the ligament tears but I saw them on the MRI myself... and it is quite clear......

So I definitely need cardio ideas!!!!! as I'm at goal weight and have been since jan... down 95 to 100 pounds... and want to keep it off. Me being young, active, and fairly small weight wise is what is allowing me to have this surgery and to put off having a total knee replacement at 29 yrs old... to another 8-10 years from now.

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