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WWPP and any WW system, for that matter, is essentially counting calories. If you use the old WW Points system, which you will see in lots of old WW cookbooks at used book sales, or even at the local library, you really have to count everything you eat by adding in its points value. With WWPP, they encourage you to eat more vegetables and fruit by allowing you to have 'free' servings of both of those groups, without any fats added. They don't want you to go nuts with it - nuts, by the way, have plenty of points AND points plus because they contain fat - but they let you be 'looser' with that count because fruits and vegetables, unadorned without fat, are not what people tend to overeat. Because of their fiber, they tend to be pretty filling, too.

Lots of WW members go to the old Points diet (counting everything) because they were successful with it and like it. The thing is, you can't mix the Points dieting system with the Points Plus dieting system. It's all about the calorie anyway, and it is about the support.

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This topic has probably come and gone on here several times, but as this is my first day back to SP, I think I'm allowed to ask this.

Does anyone use WW Points Plus? If so, I need help!

Please if you can help me pm me. Or feel free to share here. I just can't get the answers from WW as I'm not an actual member. :P

Another part to this is do you recommend WWPP OR do you recommend staying with calorie counting? I've always been bad with both. This is going to be hard for me no matter which way I choose, so all the input I can get will be helpful.

Thank you for any info you can give me. It's nice to be back with SP!!

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