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JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
11/18/11 9:25 A

First, I would start by looking at where your fat and protein are coming from right now. Is your protein coming from fatty sources? If so, try leaner cuts of meat like chicken or turkey or have some fish. What are your protein sources? Are you actually getting a good amount at each meal? If not, try substituting high proteins for your meals. Are your fats coming from snacks? If so, cut those types of snacks to a minimum. Greek yogurt is fantastic. You can get nonfat in a variety of flavors, and it as 2-3 times the protein as regular nonfat yogurt for only 20-40-ish more calories. I love vanilla Greek yogurt with some Kashi cereal and/or fruit mixed in.

You could also try protein bars. Luna & Zone both make pretty good bars for 200 calories or under with 8-12 grams of protein each.

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11/18/11 7:22 A

Do your meals have protein in them? They should and if they do I would think you would meet your needs. Having tuna,chicken,etc at meals?
Some other ideas string cheese,soymilk or reg milk,deli low sodium turkey,no drain tuna or salmon cups

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11/17/11 9:14 A

Non fat cottage cheese is the way to go
Also veggie burgers (low calorie ones like boca original vegan)
Low carb wraps (La tortilla factory)
Non fat plain greek yogurt

I consistently get at least 100 g of protein a day (30-35% of my calories) and am always only at 10% fat or so and these are my go to foods. Lots of protein- very little fat! And yummy

GAMMALEAK Posts: 224
11/16/11 11:25 P

Wow, great suggestions. Thank you, both of you! If anyone else has more, keep 'em coming!

I love that rice & bean burrito idea, especially the lemon/lime/cilantro seasoning twist on things. I'm guessing a little salsa would be ok, too, since that's usually pretty low-calorie.

The low-fat cottage cheese suggestion is also intriguing. Sounds like a good excuse to mix in some pineapple as well. emoticon

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11/16/11 11:17 P

I had the SAME problem starting out. Greek yogurt is your friend here. A higher fat but very healthy option in small amounts is peanut butter or Nutella. I like dipping celery or carrot sticks in peanut butter and believe me, 1.5 tbsp peanut butter will go FAR for about a 1/2c + of veggies.

You could also try tofu. Silken tofu can be jazzed up by marinades overnight.

Finally~ try mixing groups of non-animal proteins: seeds and nuts; legumes and grains; quinoa; amaranth. Rice-and-bean burritos are awesome. I make my beans with a little lemon or lime and cilantro for extra flavor. Tastes even better the next day.

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11/16/11 11:14 P

How about low fat or nonfat cottage cheese or greek yogurt?

GAMMALEAK Posts: 224
11/16/11 10:25 P


When trying to hit my daily nutrition goals I seem to have quite a problem getting my recommended protein every day. Either I don't get it or it's on the low end. Conversely, my intake of fats tends to be on the high end of my range.

Any suggestions for a good high-protein & low-fat snack or side? Preferably something I don't have to cook (e.g., not eggs), since I brown-bag my lunch to school everyday.


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