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3/3/14 11:24 A

Mom of 2 small boys here with 30lbs weighing me down as well. The baby is 17 months old now so I really need a swift kick to get down to fighting weight. Before the babies I could go for a 10 mile run and then take a bath and get a mani/pedi. Yeeeeaaaahhhh.........THAT doesn't happen I really miss exercise but in the past I have always been all or nothing. I need to stop letting life get in the way and I'm working on making the adjustments to allow for a lifestyle that incorporates all of my needs and responsibilities.

Feeling pretty good today, tho. Even with the winter advisory I'm getting pretty excited about planning my garden for the spring. I'm in the process of becoming a gardener....only my second year in....and I'm lucky to have in-laws nearby with a combined century of experience they're happy to share.

3/2/14 12:12 P

One of the most active teams I ever joined started on a thread like this. I was gone for 18 months and not only is A SWIFT KICK still strong, the girls are planning a meet up.

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3/2/14 10:23 A

Try the 10 minute challenge, there is plenty of motivation and help there

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3/1/14 9:25 P

Following this thread as I am looking for the same thing.

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2/28/14 11:19 A

I've been on Sparkpeople off and on for years. I am looking for a board that is really active - people that chat every day. I am married 39 year old mom of 3 boys, working part-time with about 30lbs to lose. I really would like to hit my goal weight by summer. Any group suggestions?

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