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8/12/13 9:48 A

Just keep your focus on your diet for the most part. I'm assuming there will be some exceptions to your regular diet while on vacation but try to keep on track. Keep count of calories, make healthy choices (for the most part), etc.

If I can, I take a couple workout videos with me for long vacations. Usually cardio videos and try to fit a few workout sessions in but that's optional. It's more so I don't fret over the extra indulgences that come along with vacations. Just make your vacation *active*; cycling, walking, swimming, hiking, etc. Fun activities over planned exercise. I like Sergeant Major's suggestion to bring along resistance bands but working out on vacation isn't necessary if it's only up to week (not sure how long you'll be away). In fact, if you have been training heavy up to this point, a week rest could be beneficial to allow for some serious muscle repair.

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8/12/13 9:39 A

If you've been doing that hard of exercise for awhile, don't stress about a few days off, or doing something easier while you're on vacation. The resistance bands are perfect though; I bought a set and every time I fly to visit family I throw them in my suitcase along with my small case of ST dvd's (which you could also substitute with written-down exercises)

VANNAH2014 Posts: 474
8/11/13 12:28 P

Don't worry about it too much. Just eat the healthier options and make better choices when you are there. I assume you will be walking a lot their, so that is good. And swimming is a good exercise choice! And have fun!

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8/11/13 12:22 P

and look for ways to sneak in exercise, such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

8/11/13 12:18 P

I do not know where you live in this wide world of ours but if in the USA I suggest the following options. I suggest you invest in a $15 USD set of resistance bands and a $7USD adjustable length jump rope from Walmart . The will not take up much luggage space, add little weight and give you all the workout options you can create. If Walmart is not an option find something similar locally.

8/11/13 9:46 A

Hi everybody. :))

So, my nutrition is fine, I'm eating clean and healthy, and so are my workouts (90 min. of cardio & 45 min. of ST and I burn around 700 calories). Next week I'm going to Greece with my parents, and I won't be able to to my workouts properly, but can I replace them with swimming?

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