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3/30/14 4:37 P

hi meredith, i am new to sparks. this is the beginning of my 4th week. i just found out i gained 4 pounds and felt like nothing would work.i am 64 not 18 so i dont know if you want to be spark friends but i sometimes would like to know ther is someone that understands how hard this is. i have 4 grown sons and a hubby. cant talk to any of them.. lifes been very hard and i dont have much but eveyrthing i have gets paid for and i just retired so it may get harder because there will be less money. but jan.1 retirement day i decided that its time to concentrate on me. i have given and given and now its my turn to do for me. would like a spark friend that we could learn together and support each other on our journey. my moto is KEEP TRUCKING. well hopefully i will hear from you soon. and if not good luck on your journey.

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3/29/14 4:59 P

Hey :)
My name is Meredith and I'm 18. I am not new to SP, but I am newly active again.
I have a tough time with weight management and exercise due to several knee surgeries over the past few years. Combine that with poor craving control and a family with unhealthy eating habits and I have steadily put on weight since childhood. After every surgery I eventually get back into the swing of things, lose around 15 pounds, and then go back in for the next surgery. Being bed ridden for months at a time is extremely detrimental to my weight. I often put on 20-40 pounds every surgery. My next and LAST surgery is in May! Yay!
I'm looking for a pen pal of sorts to support each other and keep us accountable. I love chatting and getting to know people :)
Send me a pm :) If we like each other I would love to exchange numbers so we can text.

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