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MEG-NATALIA07 Posts: 679
11/10/12 12:30 P

Google search or Pinterest search "Quinoa pizza balls" - they're really good!

11/8/12 1:39 P

Thank you so much for your reply. Since I posted my request I found many yummy recipe's on sparkrecipe's as you suggested. I'm new to sparkpeople and I didn't realize they have sites for most anything. I'm so happy that I found sparkpeople and for your taking the time to write to me! emoticon

11/8/12 1:28 P

Thank you Stella for sending me your recipe for cooking quinoa, sounds good and I plan on preparing it. emoticon edeesdiner

RICCILYNN Posts: 2,454
11/8/12 12:02 P

I love quinoa and use it where I would pasta or rice often times. There is a great recipe book that I got from Amazon called Quinoa 365 which has a couple hundred recipes from breakfast to dessert and everything inbetween. I often hear that you should rinse the quinoa before cooking it otherwise it will be bitter but I haven't really noticed that to be an issue, maybe because I cook it in broth. There are some really yummy recipes on sparkrecipes. One that I like is with feta and spinach but I am sure you can sub a vegan cheese if you don't eat cheese.
I know I have made a few different things but am not sure if they were spark recipes or ones that I found... I'll look and post them when I have a chance!

11/6/12 12:10 P

When I prepare Quionoa, it usually has some animal product in it..
But, I do cocok mine in the rice cooker with broth (you can use veggie broth), garlic, sliced black olives.
Quinoa is very versatile. I would cook it with peppers, or capers. If there is a vegan feta, i would toss that in there too. :)
Leeks are great too!

11/6/12 12:03 A

I've recently started to prepare vegan meals. I'm looking for recipe's for grain's particularly Quinoa or any other grain's you may have used in preparing your vegan meal's. It's all new to me and I'm not too familiar with preparing seed's or grains. I would appreciate any vegan recipe's you may have. Thank you, Edee

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