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SARRARAZ Posts: 157
7/4/13 9:33 P

great job

TREV1964 Posts: 5,115
7/4/13 9:10 P

You have already made a great start just by deciding to come in here.

Just take it one day at a time and build on every achievement you make. the loss of pounds will be a by product and you will ultimately achieve your goals.

If I can give you any help then give us a shout.



EFFIEANNIE Posts: 4,107
7/4/13 7:49 P

Welcome to Spark. This has been a tremendous help for me to stay motivated. The more time you spend in interacting with other Sparkers and reading all the helpful information on the site the better you will stay focused. Read all the success stories. Happy Sparking!

BILL60 Posts: 977,718
7/4/13 9:05 A

Welcome to SP. Hang tough and keep the focus.

RIGEIN24 SparkPoints: (26,707)
Fitness Minutes: (4,747)
Posts: 304
7/4/13 2:55 A

Welcome! I'd recommend this article for you:

And I understand you feel disappointed, but try to look on the bright side. You are doing a good thing for yourself now. The only way you could make things worse is doing nothing, so you deserve some respect for getting back on the horse!

Just remember there is more to losing weight than nutrition and exercise. It has to become your new lifestyle, something you enjoy and can continue doing the rest of your life. Not something stressful and restrictive like most "diets" are.

Do your best! And look into the article here at SparkPeople about motivation and wellness. They're a gold mine.

LORMONT Posts: 1
7/3/13 11:10 P

Hi there -
I am feeling over-whelmed about the whole idea of dieting again. I have lost/gained/lost/gained weight my whole life, but can't ever seem to maintain. Had a Dr. appt. today. Total reality check from Dr. How can I do this yet again? Where can I find the will-power to do what I need to? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I am so depressed about starting over!

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