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12/18/12 12:18 A

Happy Holidays.

12/17/12 8:31 P

Thanks for the support. You're right...winning the little battles DO add up to winning the War! Each accomplishment is very important!

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12/17/12 1:07 P

That is a great outlook and goal! I have been trying todo the same. I have read that envisioning it helps to reach those goals. I have also found that setting mini-goals that I can check off and reach help keep me motivated... makes it seem like a smaller task then my BIG goal. Good luck! You can do this!

12/16/12 12:58 A

I am diligently attempting to envision myself at my goal weight, fit, and living an active lifestyle. I realize I need to think positive and keep pushing forward. Pushing is sure the right word! In the past I had to push myself out of a chair. Now I am pushing myself to adhere to my food tracker and eat correctly, my fitness tracker and exercise, participate in my teams, align myself with positive motivating SP friends, and learn new things from all that the SP site has to offer. It sure does feel better to think about all this other stuff than to sit around like a lump feeding myself negative destructive thoughts. I just got finished telling one of my new SP friends...Oh I can't do that...that would take up too much would be too involved! Then I had to snap myself out of it. I told myself, if I wasn't willing to do something different to change how I was, then I would never see any results! If 'it' wasn't worth fighting for...then it wasn't worth very much. BAM! It hit me!!! That's when I jumped in with both feet and committed. Wow! THAT FELT GOOD! Not only did I turn myself around with motivating self-talk but then I actually moved forward and make a commitment! emoticon

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