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N16351D Posts: 2,349
11/23/12 8:55 A

It has now been a full six months since I became ill. Thankfully, I notice slow improvement. The nausea I lived with for over five months is gone. Yahoo! Though my energy remains low, it is stronger than it was two months ago. I'll take slow improvement over no improvement!

Thanks for supportive comments. Encouragement is appreciated.

N16351D Posts: 2,349
11/15/12 8:08 A

Appreciated all of your suggestions.

I'd be hard pressed to find new activities in my community due to the fact that I live on a 52 square mile island which takes boats or a plane to access (no bridges). There are around 4000 people living here full-time, but we get around 250,000 visitors from May through September every year. Town is quite small! Also I have tried everything to do here and even in nearby mountains. Following is a list of activities in which I have participated sometime in the last forty years. I would love to do all of these all day long except for strength training!

Aerobics - step and floor
Yoga/Pilates/ Yogalates/Stretching classes
Spin class
Strength Class (hate that one!)
Racketball and Handball
Swimming - pool in winter, ponds and open water in summer
Dance: Ballet/Jazz/Zumba/Tap/waltz
Martial Arts/ Tai Kwon Do
Skiing: Water-skiing/Snow both downhill and cross country/ Jet skiing
Sky-diving/parachute jumping
Horseback riding
Scuba Diving/Snorkeling
Swinging on equipment at the playard at the schools.
Jumping off the porch into a pile of leaves! Fun as a kid, tough on joints when older - I am 55 years young...

(And to think some people ask what exercises they can do to be active!!!)

It would be hard to pick a favorite, but strength training would be at the top of the list for importance, and bottom of the list for least favorite!

N16351D Posts: 2,349
11/14/12 11:54 P

Your thoughtful notes and suggestions are appreciated. Will respond more fully in a week as we are headed out of town to visit grandkids for Thanksgiving.

The idea of doing a few minutes of dance is a great idea. Also suggestion for not being too discouraged is also a helpful reminder.

Had the stress echocardiogram today. Will get results in about a week. Will report back whether or not the doctor thinks the virus affected my heart!

Am walking about 3 miles every other day. Would love to do more,but that will come later.

best wishes....n16351d in the rainy Pacific NW

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11/13/12 8:34 P

Hi! I'm so sorry you're going through this. I've been sidelined a couple of times as well and it can be so frustrating. My suggestion to you is slightly different..I've found that if you keep trying to do what you used to do and can't do it, it can be completely depressing. Instead, I'd recommend trying to find completely different activities that you haven't tried before and use this time to try something new..example - explore sights in your town you haven't seen before and get a gentle walk in; country line dancing :)? 3 minute dance sessions to a favorite song..
Hope you feel better soon - sending lots of positive energy your way.

KJEANNE SparkPoints: (0)
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11/13/12 7:48 P

I feel your pain! I was down and out in 2010. I was barely able to dress myself must less exercise. I was finally diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. I have since found a great doctor and have been on medication. I have regained some of my strength but will never be the same but the good news is that I can exercise again!

NSMANN Posts: 981
11/11/12 11:25 P

Now's not the time to obsess over what the scale says. Your weight is already on the low side of what is healthy, so it won't hurt you to gain a few pounds. Maybe you can channel your desire to stay active into low-impact activities and just keep it light. I hope you recover and get well soon.

N16351D Posts: 2,349
11/11/12 10:49 P

Thanks for the suggestions and kind thoughts. It is nice to hear from someone who has gone through something similar. I tend to become discouraged, but your note gave me a needed boost.

Have gained about three pounds since onset of illness. Lost 8 pounds the first two months, gained that back, and now have gone on beyond. A few pounds does not seem like much to most people, but on my small, 5'2" frame, it means a lot to me.

The hardest is to lose the toning and conditioning. Whereas nearly six months ago I was toned and strong, I have become surprisingly weak, both from the consequence of the illness in addition to not exercising very much.

Need to take the advice to stretch.....

MEG-NATALIA07 Posts: 679
11/11/12 10:26 P

You might try yoga in the meantime, just to keep flexible, engage your muscles, and perhaps help relax/de-stress? And don't let your heart discourage you each day because you're not able to do what you could before. You are trying, and your body is in a delicate place. Each day you do something, even small, you've won a victory.
I used to not be able to exercise even minutes without debilitating pain that would take my breathe away. And coming from being an MVP volleyball player... it was tough and I had to learn to be gentle with myself. So, keep trucking, whatever you are doing...

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N16351D Posts: 2,349
11/6/12 8:49 P

Thanks for the helpful suggestions. Also,I took Coach Jen's advice in my last thread about this illness about two weeks ago, and some days when I am too tired to walk 3 miles, will do the 10 minute walk 1-4 times.


EMMANYC Posts: 1,702
11/6/12 1:29 P

Ooh, I can imagine how frustrating that is. I haven't had exactly the same experience as you but I have been sidelined a few times in the past few years by crippling back pain, and that limited me to just walking for a while.

If you were running before your illness and want to prepare for that again, I would highly recommend that you try Pilates to strengthen your core, since that will improve your body's ability to run down the road. I do a combination of Pilates plus some extra strength and stabilization exercises for my glutes, legs and balance and I'm finding that is really helping my running.

You also might find that something like Tai Chi (which has a real flow to the movement) and yoga could help "replace" some of that vibe you get from more intense aerobic workouts. And it would improve your flexibility and fluidity of movement.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 66,007
11/6/12 9:50 A

I'm sorry to hear you're going through this! I can't imagine how frustrating it is, especially since you've been a regular exerciser for so long. Maybe you could take this time to set a few new fitness goals, like improving your flexibility and strength through yoga. I think you can still explore new challenges even if they aren't as physically demanding as you're used to. Also consider taking this time to set some new goals/challenges in other areas of your life to help you keep moving forward.

Hang in there!!

Coach Jen

N16351D Posts: 2,349
11/6/12 8:57 A

Greetings all: I am looking for understanding friends during a tough situation. Last May I contracted a virus causing a lung infection. Now, 5 1/2 months later I have not recovered. Was referred to a cardiologist who said the virus likely caused inflammation in the pericardial, sac around the heart. Will have a stress echocardiogram soon to get more information about what is going on. My symptoms for over five months are chronic chest ache, fatigue, weakness, and nausea. If you have been reading my posts, I am the one who has been jogging and otherwise exercising for 40 years. I had been jogging 3 x 5 mile runs upon onset of illness. It is exceptionally difficult for me to not be my normal, active self.

Dr. gave me permission to do easy to moderate exercises such as walking, yoga, and pilates, so am starting all over again. Jogging, biking, and swimming makes my chest feel like it is going to explode, and lifting weights really get me tired and sets me back. I can go through the arm motions of lifting weights, but can't lift real weight. But the other three are all right. At least I can do something to get my body moving. I quit work outside the home and can barely do the chores in front of me at at home.

Geesh, but this is a tough one. Can't wait to get more information about my illness.

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