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7/29/12 8:49 A

My guess is that it will be the equivalent of a Dunkin Donuts muffin. Most bakeries use a prepackaged mix that they buy in commercial quantities. Very few make homemade.

You will probably be shocked by the number of calories and fat grams. It will be in lines of 450+ calories and about 15 grams of fat. That is what makes them taste so good!

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7/29/12 7:55 A

Your best option is to enter the type of muffin: blueberry, or banana nut, or "whatever"
Also the size of the muffin, was it a small 2 ounce or a giant 6 ounce??

SP Dietitian Becky

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7/28/12 2:26 P

It would not be equivalent to a homemade muffin because you really don't know what's in it. The only way to accurately track it would be to ask about the nutritional information while you're at the bakery.

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7/28/12 2:20 P

Yesterday I stopped at a local bakery and bought a muffin, and now I don't know how to track it. Would it be equivalent to a home made muffin?

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