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4/14/13 6:47 P

Here's one really good motivator (for me anyway). A zipper. That's what they call the scar stretching from your throat down to the bottom of your ribcage you get as a souvenir for bypass surgery from clogged arteries and heart disease. Would you rather have baggy skin you can cover up with clothes or a zipper right out there for anyone to see unless you wear a turtle neck every day of your life?

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4/14/13 5:34 P

STARDUSTD - I LOVE your choices :-)


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4/14/13 2:23 P

I make choices. Over and over and over again:
- I choose to love myself.
- I choose to treat myself with kindness and compassion.
- I choose to do what's best for me, because I choose to believe I'm worth it.
- I choose to eat healthy foods because they make me feel better physically than eating junk.
- I choose to exercise because I love how it feels to move my body, and I appreciate all the things I can do now that I didn't used to be able to do, or that I didn't even want to do.
- I choose to look at weight loss and my body for the things they can do for me, not the things they can't.
- I choose to accept that I can't change the past.
- I choose to find new motivators.
- I choose to believe that my body isn't ME, it's PART of me.

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4/11/13 7:47 P

I must agree with coach nancy on this one as I used to weigh 378, now 172, so u can imagine the loose skin. Cosmetic surgery is an option if u have the funds otherwise be healthy in spite of your vanity. Good luck emoticon

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4/11/13 6:57 P

I have lost a fair bit of weight, and also have 'wrinkled skin on my arms/legs. I don't attribute this to weight-loss tho', but rather dry skin and post menopause. I am 59. I deal with that by ensuring it is very well hydrated - and yes a really good quality (not expensive) moisturizer can do wonders. I use an emulsifying ointment. The loose skin on my abdomen is no problem. When I go out I wear a fine, light-weight 'body-sculpting' tube. It holds my tummy in, and DAMN ..... I look good :-) (not at home tho' - LOL!

I think a lot of how we feel about our negatives is not so much what we see physically in the mirror, but rather the state of our mind. Some people tend to focus a lot on negatives but don't stop to think about the positives, or they see negatives where there actually aren't negatives. It could be that a little Therapy might be helpful for you coming to terms with yourself, and possibly deal with any baggage that you may be carrying around (emotional, not physical!)

Take care,

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4/11/13 2:19 P


I'm no spring chicken. I was 39 years old when I made a decision to lose weight and keep it off. I'd been a yo yo dieter for years and it showed on my body. I have a set of stretchmarks on my stomach that looks like an aerial photograph of the Amazon Delta. And that was before losing weight !

I took about one year to lose around 50-55 pounds. I've been maintaining that loss for several years. I have stretchmarks and I have sagging skin. Oddly enough, the skin on my arms did pop back. However, the skin on my stomach did not. There are parts of me that bear more than a passing resemblance to a Shar Pei Puppy.

I know many women freak out at the thought of having sagging skin. Here's what I've learned from my own weight loss journey... What I can do with my body IS more important that how it looks.

Let me tell you some of the things I can do with this 49 year old body since losing the weight and becoming more healthy. In November 2012 I did a Spartan Sprint. You may never have heard of that, but you might have heard of a Tough Mudder or Warrior Dash. Those are those popular obstacle course type of races. Well, I did one ! I hauled my keister up and over 4 ft, 5ft and even a 8 ft wall ! I climbed across walls, I carried a 40 pound pack on my back up and down a series of stairs, I shimmied under ropes, I climbed cargo nets, etc... Not bad for an old lady like me !!

Why did I do it ? It was something of a physical and mental challenge. I knew I probably could do it, but I needed to prove it to myself that I could. Completing that course was exhilarating ! I love being physically fit now. Can I wear a bikini ? I could, but it wouldn't be pretty. LOL !!!

The point ? I'm thrilled with what my body can do. Ten years ago, if you had asked me what I'd be doing when I hit 49, I can assure you it wouldn't be teaching aerobics classes or working part time as a personal trainer. So, I may have sagging skin. I may have stretchmarks, but I'm in the best shape I've ever been.

And you will not look older if you lose weight. If you eat a healthy diet and get some regular exercise, you will look years YOUNGER. Everyone tells me I don't look my age. I love those comments.

Don't worry about the minor side effects of weight loss (sagging skin), instead concentrate on all those positives. Believe me, changing your diet and being more active really will change your life for the better.

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4/11/13 2:16 P

"How do I keep on for 55 more pounds knowing I'm going to physically look older and worse?"

Ok well, I'm kind of in the same boat, in that I have to lose about 80# or a bit more...

And the "older" thing - is something that does cross my mind at times. As I lose weight, I'm starting to realize, that I'm going to experience something that I've staved off quite well to this point in my life (age 47) - which is.... wrinkles. My excess body fat has perhaps smoothed things out up till now... but now? Oh my gosh. I can already see how the "cute dimple in my pudgy cheek" is evolving into a "smile line" - and I'm only down 30#, with 50+ to go.... will losing this weight really make me look older??!!! I think... that it might....

BUT here's the thing. "Older" and "Worse" are NOT synonymous.

We cannot avoid getting older. Even those that stave off the process with plastic surgery, ultimately succumb to the aging process. We are meant to age. We are MEANT to look older. At 47, I will NEVER have the bikini-bod I had at 21. Oh well, tough. Such is life. When I had that bod, I was always nervous about wearing a bikini anyways, because even in the most perfect shape of all my life - all i could see were my flaws...

If i am going to have to look "older" anyways - might as well look older-and-fit, as older-and-fat. I really don't think I looked better at 245# than i do now... the budding wrinkles and squishy skin are a lot easier to minimize through makeup and dress, than the extra pounds were...

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4/11/13 1:51 P


I love 80 pounds and now that I am getting closer to menopause I can see some flabby skin that wasn't there before, however, I always remind myself--that life could be so much worse. Maybe it's my age (51) but I would rather be healthy and have a few flaws, than to try to live in the past. Our bodies are meant to evolve--whether from aging, weight gain/weight loss, etc.

That said, I want to remind you that what you are seeing today is not what you will see later--as to how your body responds to the weight loss will vary--but I know that today, 4 years after reaching my goal weight my body continues to evolve.

Hang in there!

Coach Nancy

4/11/13 1:43 P

Hello all... I'm hoping some of you can relate and are willing to share how you have accepted your body or what you do/tell yourself when you're feeling down. When you know surgery is never going to be an option, can you ever accept the body you're left with?

I'm a rational person, I accepted when I finally started to lose weight that 10 years of being obese was going to leave it's mark, it already had. I knew that I hadn't won any genetic lottery and my body would never look like a supermodel's. The irony isn't lost on me that I still feel vain though I inflicted this upon myself. I care about how I look, but the stress/sadness of what life has brought in the last 10 years overwhelmed me until I realized life was never going to be perfect/my situation change, so-I needed to do what I knew I should do. I know that saying to myself "you deserve this for letting yourself get like that to begin with" or "this is the punishment, deal with it" isn't helping, but I can't seem to stop every day I'm struggling to just stop thinking the thoughts.

It wasn't until 10 pounds ago that I started to notice the wrinkling/deflated look of my skin. I have a pic of me, pre kids-5 pounds over my current weight and I look like hell now in comparison. Seeing the leftover damage now is making me so paranoid about how awful I surely will look when I am at goal weight-worse still, this is the first time since starting that I'm questioning if it's worth continuing.

I've done this "right", I'm doing cardio 5 times a week, I'm doing strength training 3x's a week, I'm eating better, I feel stronger, I'm losing at the 1-2 lbs/week rate... I know that health is the main point of this, and I feel I've accomplished better health-but I can't deny that looking better was also a side effect I was hoping for. I can't deny that the 55 more pounds I have left to lose is going to leave me with worse physical reminders than I imagined when I started. I can't even imagine wearing women's shirts again because the sleeves are so short and wouldn't hide enough, never wearing a bathing suit without a shirt covering to my knees at least, etc...

Is anyone else out there in the same boat? Am I the only person who feels this way? How do I keep on for 55 more pounds knowing I'm going to physically look older and worse?

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