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9/29/12 10:16 A

Remember that there are many other ways to measure your progress on your way to a healthy lifestyle than the scale! If it bothers you, then stay away from it!

Instead note your energy, your increased strength (can you do more push-ups than last week?), note your measurements as your body changes as you increase exercise and make healthy food choices. Are your clothes looser around the waist? Note how you feel outwardly and inwardly. Note your BMI, or other measurements. You could check your cholesterol, but that requires a physican's order and costs a lot of money for the lab work.

Anyway, do not let the number on your scale be your only guide to your progress! There are many others!

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
9/29/12 6:58 A

Then don't step on it.
Or, resolve not to let it get you down, regardless of what it says.

Some people only weigh monthly - some not at all.

Seriously - it's about being healthy; not some number on the scale, the clothing label, or whatever man-made device causes you grief.

Nobody sees it but you (and perhaps your doctor)

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9/28/12 6:14 P

Well today its been almost 4 weeks of keeping trackin my food and excersising..i tried to excersise every week 3 days but this last week not much happend because i had a headcold and was just beat. Never the less i still watched my calorie intake and i will get back to excersising tomorrow, going for a swim. However my biggest fear is The Scale.
I am afraid to get on it, because even so i have worked out more then ever before the last couple weeks and watched my food i am afraid if i step on the scale and it didnt budge ..or worse even went up !
Thats kind off my week point ,cause i hate to be dissapointed not to even have lost a pound.
I know silly of me but i cant get that outta my head and i am not a qitter if something not works right away but i would defently be thats whats goin on here , just putting it out there .

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