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9/14/12 8:22 A

Thanks! I find it so hard to stay motivated, but once I start looking at those small victories I really feel like I'm achieving something. I've also broken my weight goal down into three parts. Just seemed like it would not feel so overwhelming to me. My ultimate weight goal is about 160. But that seems so far away. That's why I'm going baby steps! :-)

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9/13/12 1:38 P

Great job. I found that the little steps are the best way to make changes. Keep it up

RACHEL712 SparkPoints: (2,054)
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9/13/12 1:33 P

I'm really just starting this week. Though I have tried multiple times in the past. I have had no "real" pop this week. In fact, the only soda that I have had was a 20oz diet 7up and a diet coke. Might not sound like much...but going from 3 to 5 Mt. Dew's a day has been a huge hurdle!! I've tracked my food all week and I'm feeling pretty good. Also added a short walk in this week. I'm feeling very motivated at the moment!! :-)

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