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4/8/13 6:28 P

1st let me welcome you to Spark People! I have found alot of support here when I have needed it and hope you find the same! Give yourself credit for being a mom of two little ones, that takes alot of energy in itself emoticon I only had one child who is now grown and so I applaud anyone who has more than one child. I can picture you running around the house after your 3 yr old while strattling your little one to your side and trying to find time to "RUN" LOL
Here there are exercises to help you and even you will find your 3 yr old trying to copy your moves will encourage and make you smile! emoticon emoticon

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4/5/13 5:35 P

Hello all! I am BRAND-Stinkin' new to SparkPeople and I am so excited to start this new chapter! I am momma of 2 little babes! A 3 year old and a 5 week old. Before children, I loved to go jogging to stay fit, and now I can't! We don't have a double stroller, so I have no way of taking my little lambs with me. :( Financially we just can't afford anything right now. (Ideally I'd be getting an elliptical so I can go to the basement and "run" during naptime). Any suggestions on what to do when your completely stuck at home? The hubs is working full time and in school full time AND required to do several 12 hour clinicals, so I feel bad asking him to stay home every night so I can go run.... (maybe that's just my excuse?) But seriously... he's exhausted.
Am I the only mom of littles that has this problem?

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