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7/22/13 8:23 P

To give more help with your diet, I would need to see your nutrition tracker. Let me know if you need the steps to make it public.
How many calories are you eating most days on average?
What is your protein, fat and carb intake?

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7/22/13 5:36 P

That is really tough. I am going to recommend you get with your doctor to discuss options. He may be able to refer you to nutritional counseling and a registered dietitian. An RD will have experience working with diet and medications.

Best of luck!

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7/22/13 3:31 P

Hey sparkpeoples!

I joined the site about...a month and a half ago, I think, and I love it. It feels very productive to be able to check nutrition on just about everything, log my food, log my workouts, etc. However, I weighed in today and pretty much just wanted to lay down and cry.

When I first started on the site, I ate the recommended everything per day given my workout schedule...and lost a couple of pounds in the first week (and 2 on the next week, and the week after that!)! Very exciting. So, given that I was feeling like I wasn't being very effective in my fitness, I obtained a personal trainer, kept logging everything, stuck with the dietary recommendations. That week, didn't lose anything, but hey, I figured, that was probably normal-I was eating on the low end of my caloric range, maybe I needed to up my numbers. Next week, same thing...weight didn't change again. I lowered caloric intake again. Not really seeing any massive changes in my muscle mass (workout daily, but not to excess)...and according to the internet and my trainer, should have been losing weight precipitiously. I figure, OK, maybe I shouldn't have upped the calories. Drop them back down and maintain at the very low end of recommended intake. Two weeks later, I do a weigh in (today). I have GAINED weight. I don't drink sugary fact, I log everything obsessively, on here, in my food journal...all the time.

Before I started on the lithium (and citalopram), I weighed 160 pounds (one year ago). After one year on it, I started the diet weighing 250-no changes during that year other than the drug. I went down to 244, in fact, on one morning it was I'm back at 248 lb. My thyroid function is very low but still in the normal range (typical for Lithium treatment, from what I understand). I guess my question is...what on earth do I DO! I'm a big believer in doing things full throttle, thus the really diving in with the diet/exercise-I wanted to do whatever it took to get results. Now I'm working my butt off in the gym daily, eating recommended caloric quantities, and gaining weight. I'm just really hoping someone can help me understand what on earth is going on and what I should do, because right now I am wondering if any of this is worth it.

As a sidenote, switching meds is hypothetically an option, but given the side effect profiles of other meds is unlikely to be particularly helpful (and it does risk my emotional health). I would just really appreciate any input. I am trying to eat high protein, low carb, low fat..but the fat numbers tend to be near the top of the recommended values (as do protein, carb stays low). I would also love suggestions for how to drop fat content and keep protein high aside from eating more beans/lentils, as I am consuming unholy quantities as it is.

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