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4/26/11 8:23 P

I've started to notice how much I crash after eating too much salt. It sounds crazy, but I feel bloated, have bizarre dreams, feel sluggish...

4/26/11 7:12 P

I listen daily, every day, all day long. Sometimes I don't actually follow what my body and God tells me is what I need but most times I do and it makes life much easier. Sunday (Easter) I decided to over rule my body and I paid for it but at least I did it with the knowledge that it was happening, not like in the old days where I just kept eating without thought or consciousness. I am working with the book "A course in weight loss" It has helped me so much I can not even begin to explain. Now I hear and know when it is my body talking and when it is my mind telling me what it wants instead of what I need.

ZANNACHAN Posts: 13,570
4/26/11 5:45 P

I am struggling to listen to my body. It doesn't always tell me when it's hungry--I don't realize I need food until I've crashed and feel sick, shaky, irritable, etc.--still not "hungry" but in need of food. Other days I can't *stop* feeling hungry, even when I try to make healthy choices, eat slowly,drink water, eat protein, etc.

I'm hoping that some day I'll get the balance between the two. But at this point I'm still working on the big picture signals; some day I may refine it enough that I will know if I need protein or whatever.

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4/26/11 5:31 P

I've become very intune with my body. For breakfast, a big scramble packed with protein and veggies is best. Lunch is for carbs. Dinner tends to be higher protein with a little bit of carbs and lots of fiber. I know I can't have more than 1 cup of coffee a day or else I get dehydrated and shaky. Aspartame gives me a headache. Carrots make my stomach hurt.

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4/26/11 2:38 P

I am having to relearn how to eat as an adult. I spent most of my adulthood being thin and eating anything and everything without regard. But they nuked my thyroid, and my metabolism change, my eating did not.

I didn't want to "count" for the rest of my life, so i had to learn "how to eat" right, what portions are, and just what you say, "how to listen".

i'm not so good yet on all the small things like "ok, too much sugar", but at least i've tackled "full" and "hungry". that was a killer.

"full" meant literally in pain being stuffed, and hunger meant, 'gosh, i wonder what's for lunch".

Most of human's life, we stayed thin cause we were in touch with our bodies. so great you are reconnecting.

Hope i can get as in touch everntually.

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4/26/11 12:35 P

I'm sitting at my desk trying hard not to crash. I looked at my nutrition tracker (which already had lunch and dinner entered) and I realized that I've already had way too many carbs. So I've changed my lunch plans to get a salad with some protein (hard boiled eggs whites) and will save my lunch for tomorrow.

This isn't the first time that my body has told me "enough carbs!". How often do you listen to what your body is telling you and adjust your day?

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