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2/24/12 7:41 P

All these products are a crock of crap- I work as a resthome helper and have nearly seen several people not make ER.. One woman I talked down from a 5 story building- she suddenly changed personality as was strung out on diet pills.. She almost frightened the dement neighours she took care of half to death..
There have come medications that can help diabetics- but unless people snap out of their horrible excuses they cancel all the intentions of these products..
There is far too little supervision of these drugs- people need daily education on eating habits as truely don't know what healthy food is..
I am daily- advising people to find more lean options of stuff like cheese- meat cuts, how to make healthier sauces, replace cream for leaner products.. It is a fact many people are so ingrained with habit they don't have a clue leaner choices can taste great too..

And people whom take Alli think they can still eat junkfood this drug will remove the fat. Bravo great way to think.. There are no cheat ways to loss weight..

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2/24/12 4:07 P

Diet pills, suppletments etc ARE NOT SAFE! As a nurse who has worked in the ER and with Cardiologists I have seen many people come in and out with heart problems that were worsened by these or could have been prevented if they did not take these pills. The ONLY safe way to loose weight is through diet and exercise. It may not be the fast results you were looking for but I think I'd rather take a long time to get rid of that 10 lbs than have heart palpitations or something worse for the rest of my life. Heart damage is usually not reversable when it comes to something like this, medication, surgery or sometimes diet and exercise are the only ways to treat some heart problems, in which case diet and exercise is how you could have lost the weight anyway and prevented the problems.

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2/24/12 2:53 P

Alli is in a different category from the others you mentioned.

Lipozene, hydroxycut, etc are supplements, not medicines. In the US, there is no regulation of supplements. The only laws that apply are that they can't use the words "treat" or "cure," and they can't get caught using controlled substances. Other than that, they can say or do anything they please. The ingredients list doesn't have to be true, the ingredients don't have to be clean, the dosage doesn't have to be the same in every pill, etc. And mostly, they don't have to do what they say they do.

Most of them do tell at least partial truth on the ingredient label, and if you read it, you'll see that in most of them, the only active ingredient is caffeine (sometimes under many different names to disguise how much is in there) and maybe hot or black pepper. The rest is tiny bits of herbs and fruits, listed because they sound exotic. There's nothing in them that helps you lose fat. Some of them do help you weigh less the next time you get on the scale, but that's because they make you go to the bathroom more so you're dehydrated. You might lose a pound or even two, but they'll come back when you stop taking the pill and drink a glass of water.

Alli is the only actual medicine you can get without a prescription that's meant for weight loss. It does contain what it says and it does do what it claims-- but what it claims to do isn't very useful. It says it stops you from absorbing "up to 25%" of the fat you eat. It does that by making the fat pass through you undigested. But undigested fat causes diarrhea. In order to keep from getting diarrhea, you can't eat more than 13g of fat in a 4-hour period. For most people, that means no more than 39g of fat per day. THAT means that if Alli works as well for you as it did for the one single person in their studies with the absolute best results (and it won't), it would "save" about 88 calories per day. That means it would take you 40 days and 120 Alli pills just to lose 1 extra pound. If you buy the 60-day pack, and it works ideally for you, you will lose 1.5 more pounds than if you just followed the diet without the pills. And for those 60 days, you'll constantly have to worry that if you counted the fat grams wrong or forgot that a healthy food like salmon has more than 13g, then you might soil yourself in public.

Protein has 4 calories per gram. It's a food, not a medication. Protein pills and powders just give you more calories, which won't help weight loss. If you need protein, it's cheaper and healthier to get it from food. Water pills should never be taken unless a doctor prescribes them; they can raise or lower your blood pressure and cause stroke, heart attack, or dehydration. And any weight loss would be from exactly what the name says-- water. They don't do anything about fat.

So far, there just really isn't any pill that can help you lose weight without putting you in danger of something much worse than being overweight.

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2/24/12 2:13 P

They are not even contreversial FDA approved. Not safe

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2/24/12 2:12 P

Technically Alli is the safest because it's the only with the FDA seal of approval, but I hear the side effects or horrendous...

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2/24/12 2:09 P

Hydroxycut made me feel jumpy and nervous, did not supress my appitite. I lost a few lbs, then gained them back. Never tried lipozene. I was told be be careful about protein powders and supplements because in excess they can cause liver/kidney issues, a risk I;m not willing to take... before deciding to take a weight loss supplement, research online all possible side effects of the herb/supplement ingredients, or ask your doctor or pharmasict.

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2/24/12 2:04 P

has anyone tried any of these pills? do they really work? are they safe? how bout protein pills, powders, water pills?.. anything of those work at all? plz respond..thanks

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