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1/3/14 10:16 P

As it was already mentioned, being a female, you aren't able to get that big. Your genetics do play a lot into how muscular you may get, but having muscles is a good thing as it will keep you strong, strengthen your bones and help you be less likely to suffer from injuries. You do want to continue with cardio, as that is good for your heart health and will benefit you in many other ways as well. Doing 20-60 minutes 3-5 times a week is sufficient for that. You can't spot train or choose where you gain muscle (or not). Again, it's going to come down mostly to genetics in how much muscle definition you might see, but also if you have a low body fat percentage.

Coach Denise

12/30/13 10:47 P

If you're a girl, you are not going to get too much muscle. It's very difficult because we don't have the right hormones , and estrogen just doesn't gain muscle mass like testosterone does. Plus, trust me, muscular, strong, fit girls are attractive :) and stick with the cardio, but 20 mins i think is the most you should do if you do if its Everyday. And cardo is amazing and keeps your heart healthy, just Don't expect to see results instantly- you have to be patient! Mixture of lots of different types of exercise is best. To not get bored, try something g else like swimming, listen to music do it with a friend etc

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I used to do an hour of cardio everyday, but saw no results. So I started lifting weights 4x a week, and now I only do cardio 20 minutes a day. I'm starting to notice I'm getting bigger, more muscular arms and legs. What should I do? I love running (not on the treadmill) as cardio, as well as circuit training. However, I get bored easily and end up dreading exercise. I love lifting weights, but I don't want to get too muscular! Help!

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