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Do you have any pre-existing heart conditions ? Do you feel as if you're in distress whenever you go through those "push" parts of the workout ? if you're in reasonably good health with no existing heart conditions, it's okay to challenge yourself and push your heart rate. Yes, you might feel a bit winded. As long as you're not in distress, it's okay to push yourself.

Based on the limited information you've posted, that you just may need a bit more recovery time between exercises. Remember, Chalene and the people in that video trained for months to make it look that good. So, if you need to take longer recoveries or even lower your weight a bit, that's okay. The people in the video may only need 30 secs to recover, you may need a minute or more. Your strength and endurance will increase with time.

It's like doing a C25K. You might need to repeat some weeks until you feel comfortable enough to move on.

Personally, I do eat a little something prior to lifting. If I don't, my blood sugar does drop. Try having something small and see how you feel. Like I said, I don't like exercising in a starved state.

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I'm doing Chalean Extreme and am in the final week of the push phase. I'm lifting as heavy as possible while still keeping my form. The past two weeks my heart feels like its about to beat out of my chest on some of the lower body exercises or about half way through the 30 minute work out and it takes a while to get my heart rate down again. I was trying to do a turbo fire workout after a push circuit and according to my heart rate monitor I was exercising above my zone just by doing the warm up.

I know weight lifting has a cardio effect but this seems like more than just working up a good sweat since it takes longer to recover than cardio workouts. I know I'm eating enough calories but probably not enough of the right foods. Should I ease up on my weights? eat before I work out? Is this increased heart rate normal for lifting heavy weights?

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