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7/29/13 6:24 P

I've been the same route as you ... quitting smoking 12 years ago after smoking for about 25 years.

I find that knowledge and attitude are the two things that make THE difference.

Love your quote about good and bad habits!!!

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7/29/13 3:06 P

Bad habits are easy to acquire, but hard to live with.

Good .habits are hard to acquire, but easy to live with


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7/29/13 2:45 P

So many things to learn, some times the hard way. Like quitting smoking and start exercising All the negative things said about how hard it is to quit smoking. It would have been easier for me to quit smoking had I known what to expect and how to handle it. So I learned on my own and over came the horrible addiction to smoking. That alone opened so many doors for me. I took up exercising and learned to like it. Feeling more muscles I never knew I had. Feeling better all around, took up running, bike riding, and swimming

A Healthy Life Style Has it's rewards Waiting For You

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