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Take one day at a time! Each day do 5 things! One physically, one for work, one emotionally, one for your family and one for someone else.
Start parking back farther in the parking lot & walk a little more. Start walking in place at work, wake up & do stretches. See if taking dance classes will fit financially in your budget.

Learn something new at work each day! Whether it's a certain part or service offered.
If you're having a bad day ask for time after work to tan or take 30 minutes of "me" time to relax or write in a journal or plan your next day.

Come home happy even if your not. Try something new for Jason, give Riley some special time. Housework doesn't count.

Do something for someone else. Donate, pray or just compliment someone.
Check into the church activities for woman and join one.

Keep the TV off until bed time or it's a show the WHOLE family watches.

Don't be upset if you're sick or in pain and need to rest and Jason wants to get out & do something. You're married but not each others slaves!

Bring a fruit or veggie to work to snack on EVERY day and drink water water water! And some green tea!

Start reading the bible & stick to it.

Stop being lazy & get up early enough to get ready, get Riley ready & feed her breakfast so no one is rushing or getting frustrated.

Don't feel bad for sleeping in on the weekend!

Make a daily plan, meals & activities for yourself! After work make an evening an with Jason & Riley if possible!

Once a pay period buy a yourself something small if you've done all these things.

Be a real mom, wife, daughter, friend, co-worker and person.
Being lazy gets you nowhere!

Realize your dreams and see if they're possible. If they are keep working towards them until they come true!

Remember you once loved how you looked & felt & will get back to that point again but ONE DAY @ A TIME!

Love yourself,

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