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12/3/11 1:47 P

Since using Sparkpeople I realized just how much i have been under-calculating my calories, so don't worry just keep sticking with what is working for you and you'll get there :)

THE1SLUL Posts: 11
12/1/11 11:01 P

I think what you said about it being too early in the game is right, there's definitely a learning curve and I'm on it too!! Putting stuff into the tracker can be a huge wake-up call emoticon but tomorrow's a whole new day! Good luck! And it's also great that you decided to keep tracking anyway, that's something I need to dedicate myself to. Don't think of it as screwing up, keep the lesson learned attitude emoticon !

MAMASSLIMNDOWN SparkPoints: (4,247)
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12/1/11 10:22 P

I've been doing good this week with tracking my food. Most of the week I was tracking it all here in SP. It wasn't always convenient to use the computer though, so I started to journal it all in a notebook.

Lesson learned! Don't do that! - not this early on in the game anyway.

I was killing some time while my kids settled into bed and entered all of my food today, entering recipes in the recipe section and getting all the calories n' stuff figured out...
apparently my brain gave out on it's basic math skills and I miscalculated darn near everything I ate. Instead of being under my calorie intake for the day I am in fact over by around 300 (If my math is right, ha!)

I'm bummed. I know it's not the end of the world. Tomorrow is a new day... but today is today and I'm upset that I screwed up. :-/

Just needed to vent I guess. Thank sparkpeople for listening.

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