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BLIZZTEE SparkPoints: (0)
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10/13/10 12:20 A

DRINK UP.. emoticon

THEMAESTRO SparkPoints: (0)
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9/25/10 2:52 P

My problem is the pizza and other quick late night food options after a night of drinking.

HOSEZAY Posts: 38
9/25/10 2:31 P

Getting sober has helped me lose weight. Less calories and a sane mind make it easy to lose weight.

INTHEWORKS1 Posts: 981
9/25/10 1:25 A

Alcohol reduction has certainly been a significant part of my weight loss. My main problem was belly fat. In two months, I have lost 18 pounds and have gone from 38 waist pants to 34. I was drinking sometimes 3 beers a night, but usually only on the weekends. However, this is still a lot of calories. I was probably drinking 400 calories a day. 400 x 7 is 2800 calories. that is .8 pounds a week. I still enjoy a few beers a week. Usually the few beers I drink are after a very good 3-4 mile run. I think it is important to treat ourselves.

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CRIMSON99 Posts: 44
9/24/10 3:36 P

Bourbon is a good friend of mine.

Maker's Mark and 17 yr aged Eagle Rare

LOL, I am trying to stick to one binge per week.


SCHAMRICK Posts: 1,050
9/24/10 2:17 P

Seems like my entire 20s, every Saturday night involved at least a 12-pack. You take those away and it's a half-pound of fat a week. I still enjoy a few, but only when I've earned the right to do so (i.e., I've been exercising)

I liked this article from sparkpeople.

GEORGE7551 Posts: 1,677
9/21/10 12:11 A

drink less

9/13/10 4:48 A

I drank beer when I was out on layovers, and it packs the pounds on. A pint runs about 200 calories and I could/would drink a couple a night.

BREWMASTERBILL SparkPoints: (31,088)
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9/11/10 4:06 P

I used to drink like that years ago, long before I started tracking weight and BF%. However, my weekly binges (which are really no longer weekly) have definitely had an effect on my weight and BF%. You could see it when plotted on a chart. Now that I've cut it out, it's definitely helped smooth things out.

MALLEUSMIKE Posts: 1,006
9/11/10 12:49 P

I cut back significantly on alcohol (I used to routinely have a generous glass--or two--of bourbon or rye every evening and throw in a single malt a couple times a week)and lo and behold, my visceral fat and waist girth have decreased significantly. Of course, I'm working out 3 days a week and running twice a week, too. Nevertheless, I do believe getting rid of the copious amount of alcohol has contributed significantly to my "losses." Anyone else have a similar experience or opinion on this?

I still enjoy my single malts; about once every couple weeks on average.

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