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ATHARIA1 SparkPoints: (10,838)
Fitness Minutes: (2,506)
Posts: 89
1/14/14 8:51 P

I don't have her dvds, but I do her walks via youtube. Her walks (1 mile through 5 mile) are all on there. They're a great workout.

REMAREIS Posts: 41
1/14/14 8:13 P

Love her DVDs. I have a variety of them for different moods.

HOLLIWOOD49 SparkPoints: (8,526)
Fitness Minutes: (5,979)
Posts: 29
1/14/14 5:53 P

I have a Leslie Sansone DVD. It has 5 miles, 12 minutes each. They each have a different intensity but when I first started, it really got me. Now, I can do all 5 but usually just two. Mile 3 and 4 are the easiest for me. emoticon

JACKIE15108 SparkPoints: (51,402)
Fitness Minutes: (19,732)
Posts: 2,112
1/14/14 11:55 A

Keep at the video and you'll get there.
I have some health issues but the first day I did the 1 mile video, I made it ony 1 minute!!!!
It took a good month but i got thru the whole mile.....not at her pace but every time it gets easier.

DEANNA0725 SparkPoints: (22,611)
Fitness Minutes: (13,947)
Posts: 2,072
1/14/14 8:23 A

I had a co-worker who once lost 40 pounds by changing her diet, portion sizes and using the Leslie Sansone tapes. She swore by them

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (196,622)
Fitness Minutes: (191,833)
Posts: 15,853
1/14/14 8:13 A

I didn't last more than 5 minutes my first workout, I blacked out. I don't think it took more than a few weeks before I was able to do a lot more.

THINKPINK06 Posts: 1,450
1/14/14 6:19 A

I love her Dvd's. I especially love them on days when it is too cold to get out to walk or when I just don't want to go to the gym.

SUSAN727 Posts: 1,880
1/14/14 5:15 A

I love Leslie's DVDs. If you are consistent, you will probably be able to walk 2 miles by the end of the week. At least that's what I did and I'm definitely out of shape.

Best wishes!

POXYFAIRY Posts: 1,498
1/13/14 9:56 P

I used to do her walk for the Abs one, and I remember it being pretty easy, but the arms were the hard part for me. After going from warehouse to a desk job, and herniating my disk and not being active for 6 months, I did it the other day and whew, it hurt! So yes, it will get better as you do it and get in better shape. I couldn't believe how hard it was, and how out of shape I have become. Try stretching before you do it and after, that will help a lot.

LIFEINTHEZONE SparkPoints: (14,474)
Fitness Minutes: (8,539)
Posts: 333
1/12/14 12:23 P

Moving is good. Keep it up! Walking makes almost everything better! I am not familiar with Leslie Sansome. I listen to my Slacker radio when I walk.

emoticon emoticon

AWMA24 SparkPoints: (974)
Fitness Minutes: (433)
Posts: 10
1/12/14 11:40 A

I lost about 35 lbs several years ago with Walk Away the Pounds. Since then, I've had health issues taking meds and not able to move as well that have prompted me to gain almost everything back. I have started again. 1 mile at a time. I will work up to more but a mile is more than I was doing a week ago. So I consider that progress. With my RA and joint issues, I'm not sure I will ever get to 5 miles again. But I'm happy to be moving and she's so motivating while getting through that mile!

Keep going and I will, too!

ZAKNEE SparkPoints: (14,351)
Fitness Minutes: (4,571)
Posts: 470
1/11/14 3:21 P

Thanks everyone for the tips. I definitely wear my shoes because I have plantar fasciitis and I don't want it flaring up. I've had to revert to just walking in place, but you're right as long as I keep moving. It's a little disheartening though not being able to do the full mile yet. But I will keep at it and hopefully like you said I will be able to do it fairly easily. I am kind of excited at the prospect of doing it the whole way's like a challenge and I am going to conquer it! Thanks again!

Edited by: ZAKNEE at: 1/11/2014 (15:22)
1/11/14 1:38 P

I love her DVDs. I travel a lot for work & sometimes the gyms are yucky or non-existant. So I walk along with Leslie in my room. I don't usually do the boosted portions because I think it might be too noisy for the people below me.

MissRuth had some great advice about wearing good shoes & just walking in place if you're having trouble with the more advanced steps.

MNNICE Posts: 17,438
1/11/14 11:08 A

I think her DVDs are great - people at any level at fitness can use them and get benefits. You can modify it until it gets easier. They definitely keep fitness fun!

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,289
1/11/14 9:39 A

I started out with Leslie's dvd's years ago. What I like about it is that she says, it doesn't matter if it's her right foot and your left foot, it's not a complicated dance type routine, and if a "move" is difficult or your feet are getting tangled up, just walk in place. She's generally pretty good at letting you know in advance that kicks are coming up, or side steps. If she's going too fast for you, just keep your feet moving at whatever pace you can, and then once you catch your breath, try to catch up to her. Doesn't really matter if she's doing 2 steps to your 1-- the point is just to do the best you can. And it WILL get easier.

There's no way to say exactly how long it would take, for it to get easier. It would all depend on your starting point, any particular physical difficulties you may have, etc. And every body (yes, I intended to make that 2 words, every BODY) is different. She has dvd's that are "beginner" versus ones that are more "intermediate". I have a couple of her dvd's that inculde what she calls "boosted" walking, they're 12 minute "miles" and are more fast-paced throughout, than her beginner dvd's. The boosted part includes some gentle jogging; but she has other gals in the dvd who just keep walking, and don't jog. Like I said, it doesn't really matter; just do the best you can.

One thing I'd suggest-- you want to be wearing some good shoes to do these dvd's. Even though you're inside, and maybe on carpet-- shoes really help with supporting your feet throughout the dvd.

PATRUCK42 SparkPoints: (10,596)
Fitness Minutes: (5,994)
Posts: 78
1/11/14 7:23 A

Just read the article, 40 ways to get motivated. A good read. Well my head is straight now & I'm going to walk. Bye

AREEJ_R SparkPoints: (27,942)
Fitness Minutes: (24,346)
Posts: 2,384
1/11/14 3:48 A

it will be easier for you after some time
the one mile take around 12-15 minutes
try in the begging to do just the four moves with arms moves
( walk in place - side - kick - high knee)

with the time you will do the 5 miles and it will be easy for you

wish u all the best
emoticon emoticon emoticon

ONLINEASLLOU SparkPoints: (73,365)
Fitness Minutes: (57,011)
Posts: 4,787
1/10/14 8:44 P

I started out with Leslie's DVD's about 6 years ago. Yes, it does get easier. I increased my time gradually by taking a brief break when needed and then starting up again. Eventually, the number of breaks I needed went down and I could go longer and longer without a break. Over time, I got bored with doing the same routine repeatedly and so I bought some more DVD's and mixed it up. But I still walk with Leslie 2 or 3 times per week.


ZAKNEE SparkPoints: (14,351)
Fitness Minutes: (4,571)
Posts: 470
1/10/14 3:33 P

Hi, I just started to do a one mile walk with Leslie Sansone. I have to admit it is hard for me. Has anyone else used her DVD's and if so were you able to move on to more miles? How long did it take? I plan on doing it three times a week, this is my first week. I want to work up to five times a week. To help motivate me my bf did it today as well! I can't believe how out of shape I am, but I like her videos and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I can't wait till I progress to the two mile. I know it is going to take consistency and time, but I can see it happening. Thanks for reading and good luck on your weight loss goals.

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