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1/12/13 1:47 P

I'm someone who can't do a lot of the dance moves on the more hip cardio DVDs, so although I feel a bit out of my demographic doing Leslie Sansone videos at 20, they're easy enough and keep my heart rate where it needs to be, especially if I only have 10-20 minutes and don't feel like dragging all my workout stuff down to the treadmill in the basement--I can do these in my bedroom. :)

REULE000 SparkPoints: (2,292)
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1/12/13 8:06 A

I listen to headphones to when doing her workout....

BERTA6978 SparkPoints: (43,739)
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1/12/13 7:52 A

That's a good idea Knittingmum. After you've done the workout enough, you know everything she's going to say. emoticon

1/12/13 5:20 A

Sometimes I listen to music (headphones) while watching her. After a few times, you know when the cue will come to change to knee lift for example, and just listening to something different can make it fresh too. Great on days when you can't get outside.

QUEEN3510VA Posts: 537
1/11/13 8:33 P

use them off and on throughout my workouts

CHARMIAN2 Posts: 997
1/11/13 6:51 P

I love her walk workout. Use it before work at 6 am..

SAE2012 Posts: 910
1/10/13 7:20 A

I've use her workouts on days when I'm exhausted from work.

JANAMP09 Posts: 357
1/10/13 7:14 A

Thanks - I am more a high impact step/aerobic and weights type person but my husband is just getting into exercising and losing weight. He also had shoulder surgery less then a month ago so can't do anything yet involving arms (shoulder surgery has a very long re-coup time). These tapes might be perfect. I see she has some videos/books at our local library so I think I will get a few and let him watch. He has been using the track almost daily at the Y but this may give him a bit more to do. Thanks for the responses!

ONLINEASLLOU SparkPoints: (73,365)
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1/9/13 10:54 P

I have several of Leslie's DVD's and have used them regularly for a couple of years. They are what I use when I don't feel like working out much. They give me a bit of an overall workout without stressing me too much. Sometimes, I am just not in the mood for a lot of stress and strain with my workout. I don't always want to push myself 100%. I just want to get a little exercise and maintain my regular exercise habit.

SHARONSOWN Posts: 1,746
1/9/13 10:27 P

I've been doing her 5 mile walk 3 or 4 days per week. It's safer for me because outdoors is full of potholes and horse droppings and other fun stuff. It can be treacherous!

1/9/13 2:10 P

I love Leslie and her workouts! I'm starting off the new year doing 3 miles a week, so simple and yet I still get a good workout (for my current level).

Just pop in the dvd & go!

JANAMP09 Posts: 357
1/9/13 1:32 P

Thanks Berta

BERTA6978 SparkPoints: (43,739)
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1/9/13 1:30 P

There is more than just walking to the Leslie videos. It is a low impact workout. There are no dancy steps. The workouts are composed of mostly easy to follow steps like, marching, side steps, step with knee lift, step with hamstring curl, etc. The heart rate gets elevated because one is doing all of these steps at a fast pace, plus there are arm movements. You can probably get a good preview by looking at a YouTube video. There are plenty of samples online. There are even a couple of full length workouts (2 and 3 miles).

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JANAMP09 Posts: 357
1/9/13 11:34 A

Are Leslie Sansone workouts all about walking? I had never heard of her and googled and that seems to be all I am finding - I was hoping for more of a workout video (not that walking is not a workout - just was looking for different) Thanks

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
1/9/13 9:14 A

Leslie is pretty good at motivating you. just pop the dvd in and go.

MNNICE Posts: 17,626
1/9/13 8:53 A

I love to do them when the weather outside is frightful and I can't walk outside! Even in the summer, I use them now an dthen just to be changing up my routine.

BERTA6978 SparkPoints: (43,739)
Fitness Minutes: (58,319)
Posts: 821
1/9/13 7:55 A

I agree with Rene. The Leslie tapes are perfect to use when you don't feel like working out. For me, in the morning. They start slow and as your body becomes accustomed to the movement, you perk up as the intensity builds.

CHARMIAN2 Posts: 997
1/9/13 4:25 A

I love them. Use them often. They are low impact so easy on knees

RENEEGADE SparkPoints: (43,591)
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1/8/13 2:26 P


So far, I am not a big exercise fan at all, but using Leslie Sansone's tapes are a catalyst that gets me reconnected back to exercising. After doing her tapes a few times, I tend to space out, which is okay, but a limiting challenge for trying to get fit. Basically I use her tapes to :

1. Work out when I don't want to, like in the am.
2. Work out starting with her tapes, then move to something more challenging within the same workout period.
3. Just do one of her 1-2 mile walks when I don't have time, or I haven't worked out for a while.

I think her tapes are good since they are not hard to follow, and she allows you to work at your own intensity level.

KMF2012 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/8/13 11:05 A

I use them a lot! I like the different intensity levels, plus like that many of them include weights (or belts or balls - I always use weights), and she also has a pilates tape, and I have one that is all toning. Another thing that I really like is that her other "walkers" are all body shapes and some are still "works in progress" and not all have the same coordination. this kind of tape is great for those of us with less than perfect bodies, and are not young and beautiful like we once were, and who may not have the greatest coordination either. Great variety, simple moves, yet great workouts! I highly recommend them!!

IRISHFANUH87 Posts: 1,038
1/8/13 10:06 A

Yes...I think they are great! They are very simple and I personally enjoy doing them. I like that there are several different workouts so you aren't listening to the same annoying video every day, and that different videos are different intensities so you can match it to how you are feeling that day or how much time you have.

AC4MH1 Posts: 2
1/8/13 9:42 A

Is anyone doing these workout videos? I have several of them and need to get the motivation to start.

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