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8/6/12 3:38 A

Beesmum is bang on....start slow and build're confidence level will skyrocket if you keep at it!

This class is brilliant at helping people learn to love weights...without it, I would never have got into resistance training like I have...too many women are afraid of weights unecessarily...strength = confidence and amazing body shape!

Let us know how you get on....!

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8/5/12 6:05 P

Body Pump is my FAVOURITE class ever. I go 2-3 times a week for over a year. I have to say, that it has helped me feel so much stronger and confident. You just take your own pace to begin with. Speak to the instructor before class and she/he can likely suggest alternate moves if you have concerns. I hope you love it a much as I do!

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8/4/12 2:19 A

Thank you, UNIDENT.

I'll challenge it!! emoticon

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8/3/12 5:06 P

That 800 reps in 55 minutes is one every 4 seconds on average. So don't sweat it. Eight hundred may have sounded high, but over that time span it's not a lot. It's not fast rhythmic dance-like movements, it's just regular old strength training type moves.

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8/3/12 3:53 P

Sounds good. I would definitely try it out!

But one concern. I checked LesMills website, and it said they're focusing on reps, the class will perform 800 repetitions with moderate weight in 55 minutes.

I had hernia problem before, and still have minor discomfort around the area. It's OK now as long as I'm carefully moving my body, my doctor even cleared lifting weight in normal training condition and actually encourage it.

Still I'm not sure how hard 800 reps might be... Does it involve dance like movement or just regular lifting but little quicker?

8/3/12 3:49 A

I did Pump for a few years and my partner still does it...he loves it as much as I did.

It's a fantastic workout and if you got regularly - 3 times a week - and make sure you progress on the weights (you have to keep going up like you do with any weights programme!) you'll see your body change shape in no time...

Go for it!

I've moved on to a free weights programme now as I wanted to build more muscle bulk, that's the only reason I don't do it any more...

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8/3/12 1:33 A

It is that, yes. This would be a good way to move from weights machines towards free weights, with the supervision and advice of a professional without having to pay for a personalised routine.

Have fun!

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8/2/12 10:03 P

A poster on my gym said it's coming next month. I don't know much about it, but it looks like barbell strength training class? I'm slowly moving to free weight training, but still I feel I need help and thinking to hire personal trainer, but this might help?

Anyone doing it? How do you like it?

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