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2/16/13 7:17 A

Yep I admit it, I use Lent as a time to reset the clock so to speak

GLITTERFAIRY77 Posts: 8,023
2/14/13 5:05 P

I'm already working at giving up meat on a permanent basis for moral reasons. I should really get back to tracking. I shall, starting Monday. I'm not Catholic, but a lenten fast is not a bad idea.

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2/14/13 3:38 P

Lent...a perfect time to get back to basics!
Since we find that most of us will already be giving 'Up' something for the cleansing of our soul and a general path to a sweeter prayerful life, why not incorporate a diet in these forty days that is well thought out too. Each day think ahead and plan your meals to give you the correct amount of calories for your particular body mass, exercise accomplished etc,even so far as to write it out for yourself,. instead of just thinking of it on a one meal ahead basis. It can become what you 'give up' to the higher power for your own well being.... Does this make any sense, It does for me and what I am attempting emoticon to do..

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