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ROXIELU0422 Posts: 317
5/13/13 11:36 A

It is a pain in your shin or calf? Shin pain is a sign of shoes not properly fitting. I have that issue when my shoes wear out and it's time for a replacement. If it's your calves, you might need more potassium and calcium in your diet.

BEEZAUR SparkPoints: (525)
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5/13/13 12:01 A

You are having cramps?

I cycle a lot and frequently cramp. I go through a lot of minerals, so have to make sure I replace them in my diet.

One thing you might check is to review your diet and make sure you are getting enough minerals and fluids. Calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus are some main ones.

When I get to cramping I hit the potatoes and beans. It takes a day or two sometimes for things to even out.

But . . . that could very easily not be your problem.

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5/12/13 9:10 P

How long into the workout is this happening? Are you warming up properly before you run/walk fast? What kind of fuel are you taking in before you exercise?

LUCY150 Posts: 8
5/12/13 8:58 P

I am having trouble with my legs (from below the knee to the ankle) seizing up when I walk very fast or try to run. It is like all the muscles just lock up and freeze in a contracted position. It hurts really bad and takes several minutes to wear off. I've got to figure out what's wrong and I can't afford to go have blood tests run to see if there are imbalances. Anyone out there dealt with this and figured out how to cope?

Please, I'm desperate to figure this out.

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