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Shoes was my first thought too. As someone who has experienced similar pain but more in my hip and upper thigh area, I can certainly relate to your frustration. My family doctor was able to rule out anything serious and prescribed OTC pain reliever. It wasn't until I visited a foot doctor that I got real relief. While there isn't anything wrong with my feet per-say, I do over-pronate and he fitted me for a pair of orthopedic inserts for my shoes. (not custom made thankfully, just really good arch supports) I also was able to find good walking shoes from a major brand that are specially designed to help with that. That made all the difference in the world for me.

It sounds like you might have the opposite problem. Look at the bottoms of your shoes. Is the heal worn down more on one side than the other? If so, a good foot and ankle specialist might be in order.

In the meantime, I would suggest starting your walk slow for the first few minutes before beginning your power walk. Be conscience of good form during the warm up phase and check your self periodically throughout your session for a while. Spark People has some good articles relating to form. Also, make sure you allow time to stretch at the end.

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The first thing I would ask you is what kind of shoes are you wearing ? were you fitted for a good pair of walking shoe or wearing something else ? When someone tells me they feel pain when walking, I ask them what kind of shoes they are wearing. Wearing the wrong shoe can cause a multitude of problems with a person's feet, ankles, legs, knees and hip joints.

Tingling toes indicates (to me) those shoes may be too tight. The tingle could be an indication of a lack of proper blood circulation to your toes.

Also, if you recently started power walking, you may be doing too much too soon for your body to handle. Power walking may be low impact, but if this is not something you are used to doing, it could be you did too much too quickly. So, you might try slowing down your pace even though walking slower may not burn as many calories.

A person should slowly ease into an exercise routine so that their body has time to adapt to the new routine.

I would talk to your doctor before buying any inserts. Adding inserts could make the situation worse. it depends on what's going on with your feet. And this could be as simple as getting fitted for a proper pair of shoes if you've never had these problems before and they only manifested themselves once you started walking on this track.

Just a few thoughts.

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I started walking on my lunch break at work about two weeks ago. My company has a designated indoor walking path; it's 5 laps to the mile. After about 3 laps my legs become so tight I can no longer take a full stride. The pain is concentrated on the outsides of both of my legs...about mid-calf to my ankle. My toes will sometimes tingle a little bit and in the past couple of days I've noticed pocket-like swelling in this area when I'm done with my walk. I do not experience these symptoms when on the elliptical machine at the gym, during spinning classes, or even jogging. It seems to only present itself when "power" walking.

A couple of behaviors I've noticed with my walk is that I'm leading with my heel and also typically walking on the outsides of my feet. My legs are somewhat hyper-extended, but nothing serious.

I have an appointment with my doctor set up but I wanted to know if anyone has experienced something like this and experimented with any shoes, inserts, stretches, etc.

I appreciate the feedback.

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