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RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
7/20/10 10:52 P

You over did it- start slow and work your way up to your friends level..
I would also run this muscle lock issue when out walking with your doctor to make sure you have not done any damage.. You should be tender from DOMs- locking muscles efter exercise and repeating many times- doctor asap..

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7/20/10 10:36 P

You definitely overdid it.

To loosen up the legs, hit a stationery bike with no tension. Just get the muscles moving so the blood can circulate. Drink lots of water, stretch, and pray that it doesn't last much longer. If it continues for more than a week, it's time to see a doctor.

Poor thing!

BETHWYN32 Posts: 190
7/20/10 7:41 P

A while back I was having a LOT of issues with muscle cramping, locking up and restless legs syndrome. I couldn't exercise without some part of my body going into cramps and locking up. Even holding a pen was causing my hand to cramp. One time I did 25 wall push ups and my left arm cramped and locked up for 20 minutes. I did some research and found out that low magnesium (which I'm chronically deficient in and used to get weekly injections to treat a few years ago) and low blood calcium can cause pretty bad muscle issues. I started taking a higher dose calcium/magnesium supplement and after about two weeks the cramping when exercising stopped, as did the RLS at night. So, taking a supplement is worth a try if you're finding that this sort of thing continues happening. I also find I recover from DOMS faster now, too.

SPUTNIK512 Posts: 1,730
7/20/10 5:51 P

It sounds to me like you over did it. Have you tried a hot bath and some stretching afterward? I would try to do some light activity to loosen up the muscles if possible.

If it continues much longer I would consider talking to your doctor about it.

EDRODR Posts: 431
7/20/10 5:18 P

No Pain, No Gain!

7/20/10 3:45 P

I did some weight training with a friend this past Saturday. I clearly overdid it; for the last three days, it's been nearly impossible to get out of my desk chair or to climb stairs. The pain and weakness in my thighs is so great that I can barely move. Definitely more than normal, methinks. Yet I had to move to run errands and such, so I endured the pain.

Yesterday and today, my thigh muscles have been so stiff that I've been walking like I'm in leg braces. I thought that some activity would loosen up the muscles a little, so I went for a two-hour walk, but about ten minutes into it, the quads on my right leg locked up when I went to take a step, causing me to lose my balance and fall.

The farther I went, the more frequently this occurred, until I could barely take ten steps without one of my legs locking up.

Is this normal for an overdone workout? Should I be concerned?

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