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2/11/14 5:13 P

I don't have that I know of.

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2/11/14 5:05 P

Do you have diabetes? Numbness sounds like diabetic neuropathy. Have you had your blood sugar tested?

2/10/14 2:46 P

Thanks a lot. This is great advice! I don't ever do 90 minutes at a time. My schedule never allows it. I break them down into 30 minutes. I hate not being able to walk though :(

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2/10/14 2:40 P

If you are getting shin splints, you're probably pushing yourself too hard. SLOW DOWN! Moving is important, but moving too fast or doing too much too soon can cause pain instead of helping you - and that will derail your efforts.

As to the numbness, I have a similar problem from time to time, and mine is caused by sciata issues - I would check with your doctor, though, to be sure there isn't a deeper root cause, but would also recommend you consult with your chiropractor - and if you don't have one, ask friends and family to recommend one for you. When I start to get out of alignment, that's when I start to have issues with the numbness - it's just in the outside 3 toes on my right foot ...

I used to get shin splints a lot - and when I learned to listen to my body, they stopped. You can also work those muscles a bit (after they calm down) by putting ankle weights around the ball of your foot, sitting on the stairs, and raising and lowering your toes - this exercise helped me strengthen those muscles (I had a personal trainer who recommended this to me) and that, along with slowing down really helped.

Another thing to consider is getting fitted for GOOD shoes - and I don't mean at Kohl's or DSW - go to your local running store and tell them what you are trying to do - whether it's a walk-to-run program, speed walking, or just walking - and the issue you're having. They will help you find a shoe that works with the way you move to keep you from having discomfort. Since I purchased my first pair of shoes at a running store, I've never bought them anywhere else. I also no longer struggle with shin splints and rarely if ever have the other issue, either. Good shoes are the foundation for your body and can help combat any issues with the way you land, pronation (if you walk on the inside or outside of your feet), and provide better stability, which will help you get the results you are after.

2/10/14 2:34 P

Rest and ice have worked for me when I've had them. The inflammation will go down. Try not to walk 90 minutes in a stretch if you're only used to 30 on a regular basis. Increase your time gradually and they shouldn't come back.

Make sure to warm up and cool down when you walk also. Stretching can help a little too.

2/10/14 2:29 P

I've been walking a little over a month now. My minutes range from 30 minutes to an hour and a half. Mostly split into 30 minute segments due to my schedule. I had my feet measured and my walking shoes are really comfortable. They are Nikes. Can I do anything for shin splints? It hurts to walk and drive :(

2/10/14 2:22 P

Is walking a new activity for you? Have you recently increased your time, speed, or distance?

The pain you are experiencing sounds like shin splints which usually occurs when you do too much too soon. The numbness could be from wearing the wrong shoes (improper fit, wrong for walking), or shoes tied too tightly.

2/10/14 2:17 P

When I walk, my feet go numb. Mostly my right one. Both do it, just the right one is worse. Also, the right side of my right leg below the knee into my ankle hurts when I walk. Now it hurts when I have to alternate the gas/break pedal when driving. Are these things that I need to talk to my doctor about, or is this normal?

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