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1/25/12 8:59 P

Thanks for all the support, I had some fruit and low fat cheese and called it a night. Pretty sure that I am paying for not eating enough today though because I have had a nasty headache all day. Its hard right now to fit all my snacks in because I am actually having to eat more food to make up calories, carbs, fats and protein while doing a 14 day eat clean challenge. So no processed food or sugars, I boiled up a dozen eggs to put in the fridge for quick protein filled snacks but I just cant wait for the 2 weeks to be over lol.

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1/25/12 6:15 P

You should eat a small meal that is rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Look at what you've missed by going so low on calories. Is it calcium? Potassium? Iron? Protein? Vitamin C? Use your last small meal to meet your nutritional needs.

SUNGIRL822 Posts: 1,350
1/25/12 2:39 P

I was wondering the same thing. Glad someone else covered it for me. I tend to miss my calorie range when I'm not feeling well. Which this time of year is known for.

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1/25/12 2:34 P

1) Eating before bed is not bad for you unless it disrupts your sleep. It doesn't cause you to retain more weight, as the myth goes.

2) You won't go into starvation mode unless you under-eat for a loooong time. A day here and there won't mess up your metabolism any more than occasionally going over will do the same.

HELZIE Posts: 509
1/25/12 12:47 P

Occasionally missing is ok, I think. Your body doesn't think 'I didn't eat those spare 100 calories on Tuesday, what do I do?!' So I would avoid eating right before bed, if only for digestion issues, and just try to meet them the next day. As long as you are striving to do a well as possible, sometimes doesn't hurt!
Good Luck!

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1/25/12 10:31 A

That happens to me too sometimes. In fact it happened last night! So, I had some cheese just to put me over the minimum goal.

I think if it's occasional, it's nothing worry...just like if you occasionally go over your calorie limit it's okay.

It's when you are regularly going over or regularly going under that you should probably evaluate your eating habits.

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1/24/12 10:53 P

I've done both when I see that I'm short. Somedays I just dont have the energy to go upstairs and make something to eat, track it, etc. That said, I have a snack before bed most every night. I find my blood sugar goes low in the middle of the night if I don't.

Really if this is just an occssional thing, I wouldn't worry about the short calories. One off isn't going to derail anything. If it is happening regularly though, I'd try to get the extra snack in. Maybe you could try to sneak it in earlier than right before bed if you aren't comfortable with eating then?

1/24/12 10:27 P

I struggle with this sometimes, too. At certain times, I get really caught up in tracking and that turns into me being really restrictive with my calories. Those are the days where I notice myself short a few hundred calories at the end of the day.

For me, the key is snacking. It helps keep me balanced. I typically eat a pretty similar calorie range for my main meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), but I try to eat a mid-morning snack and a mid-afternoon snack, not only to help keep me full and not crazy hungry (which leads to bad choices), but it also helps keep me on track eating the right calorie range.

I personally would avoid eating a meal right before bedtime, if I notice myself short. It would be much better to catch the shortfall earlier in the day, so you aren't putting food into your stomach right before you lay down and sleep for eight hours.

I guess, my advice would be to call it a day and start fresh tomorrow -- with a greater intention to keep the correct range. Pack a few snacks in your purse, so you can easily eat them throughout the day. Light string cheese is great, raisin are great, almonds are great.

Best of luck! Just know you aren't the only one who struggles with this! ... sorry for rambling :)

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1/24/12 10:26 P

I check the bottom of the screen to see if I need more protein, fat, carbs, etc. Then I try to choose a snack that will provide those needs.

1/24/12 10:05 P

There are some days that I am so busy that I miss reaching my calorie count for the day. I was wondering if I should eat a small meal before bed to make it up or just forget about it....I don't want my body going into starvation mode but I also don't want to eat before bed if is bad for me also.

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