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4/24/10 11:25 A

Yeah .... besides the fact that provides me with the same problem I already have the internet would be so slow as to be useless.

The challenge is the router we have doesn't have the distance to reach for wireless, and Mom doesn't want to change routers ... and we have both a Mac Airport router and a router from the cable company, and I'm not sure which is doing what.

I have GOT to get on the internet ... 80% of this RV is to work from home, to be ABLE to work (20% is to have a place to sleep and eat). If I can't work, this is a huge problem.

I looked at the USB things that ping a satellite from anywhere, but that's $40-$60 a month ... which seems silly when we're already PAYING for internet ... it just won't reach that extra few feet to where I'm working.

I don't know how to proceed next with this.

BEVENH Posts: 4,170
4/23/10 8:13 P


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4/23/10 8:05 P

Is there a way to get online without a router?

Long story short a modem has the internet signal, it goes to a router - poof! Wireless internet.

Thing is this router's signal doesn't extend far enough to get online in the desired location (aka my new home).

We can't run wires from the modem to a second router in the new location - long story, won't work.

An option I've discovered is to buy a router with a more extensive range, but that's about $100.

I was wondering if anyone has another idea.

Just seems like with all these smart phones on the internet and not needing routers there ought be some way to get the computer on the internet.

I know I can go to the library, but I want to work from home, not have to pack up a day's worth of food and work at the library 7 days a week, without fridge, without being able to lie down, without being able to really take a break, and without having to spend so much time packing and luggin 30 lbs of computer, computer bag, and work materials.

I'm trying to be effective ... that model does NOT make me effective. That model I can only work 5 hours a week. Working from home I should be able to work 30-40 hours a week.

PUNKYB830 Posts: 5,295
4/23/10 5:40 P

AT&t has it for $25 a month I beleive. I just get mine on my cell phone for $10 it is a little of a pain but all I can afford and I go to the library when I have alot to do or stuff to send.

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4/23/10 4:42 P

That's something to think about ... I don't know how to hook up the computer to a smartphone though, and it would be nice to be online and take phone calls at the same time.

I need it for business, as well as yes, I do play, like being on Spark right now.

I have so many documents on the computer I need to send, or lengthy emails to write, or book proposals, or pdf downloads, or website design ....

It has to be done on the computer, not on the phone.

JACLYNC324 Posts: 295
4/23/10 4:24 P

What kind of phone do you have? I have a verizon smart phone. I can use it to go on the internet and it's $15 a month plus the cost of my plan.

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4/23/10 4:20 P

Where I'm staying right now I can connect to my Mom's wireless internet.

In the RV which will be "home" I guess it's far enough away the signal isn't strong enough, just checked it, couldn't get online.

I could see other people's secured connections, but they weren't much stronger. (And a hotel's unsecured line which was very weak - I didn't try it.)

To get online at home (vs going to McDonald's or the library every day which would indeed be free), what options do I have and what's the least expensive way to do it?

Used to be a router, used to be $50 a month, and that was the only way ... aren't there other ways, and less expensive ways, to do that now?

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