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8/29/12 3:05 P

With my boys being Scouts we talk a lot about hiking... never really do any though yet. I really want to learn too. I want to know how to survive for days if I have to in the wilderness. Depending on how much hiking you are doing in a day, if you are doing just a couple hours, you really don't need to bring much, water, food, first aid kit. If you are going out longer you'll need more, shelter, bedding, water filter. You just need to get out and practice. Hike locally in your own state parks.

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8/22/12 10:47 A

I have always wanted to learn how to hike! I too like you have no gear and me personally have no knowledge of what hiking really constitutes when you are out and about doing it. I mean I have the basic idea that you wear your hiking pack and hit the trails. So from this I figure the best exercise to do is to maybe wear a weighted backpack (get an old backpack and throw some rocks or whatever in there that would get to to be about as heavy as what your pack would be) and then just go out to some unlevel hilly trails and go for endurance. I can walk for awhile out on the trails but I have never done it with a weighted pack or on really unlevel surface so it might be pretty challenging at first. Or maybe you could try (if you have access to one) walking on a treadmill with a significant incline. This may help if you have to hike uphill for a long period of time. It will help to build the leg muscles up to help you make it up to the top easier. I hope these suggestions are helpful. Let me know how your first hike goes!

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8/21/12 9:44 P

After going on vacation in Alaska and going to Vegas (side trip to red canyon park) I told my husband i thought it would be neat if once we retired if we traveled to different state parks to hike.

because of schedules and having no gear we did not get to do any hiking this year but by next summer we hope to go hiking out west (grand canyon/badlands maybe)

is there any exercise activites that are helpful to do before starting to hike? we can both walk several miles without issues, but we have not hike before.

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