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9/3/13 3:58 P

hello - welcome - i hope you have a great stay :)

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9/3/13 12:38 P

Hi there!

Welcome to Sparkpeople. You've definitely joined the right site - everyone here is super supportive and eager to help out in any way that they can. If you have questions, ask. Need menu suggestions, ask. There are so many awesome resources here at Spark.

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9/3/13 12:02 P


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9/3/13 12:01 P


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9/3/13 11:26 A

emoticon emoticon Best wishes to you.

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Hi and welcome to Spark People! This is the best place for support and inspiration! Jump right in and make yourself at home! I wish you all the best!

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9/2/13 4:13 P


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9/2/13 1:37 P


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9/2/13 1:31 P

Use the 80/20 rule, If you are doing right 80% of the time, you will succeed. Life is not about perfection (says a former control-freak perfectionist). emoticon emoticon

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9/2/13 1:28 P

You're doing fantastic! What helped me was to look at this as a healthier lifestyle and not a diet. Of course our choices are not always going to be perfect, however the healthier they get the better we feel. You are worth it! emoticon

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Hi everyone. I am not new to dieting or to Sparkpeople, but I am new to going easy on myself. I am very much an all or nothing kind of person. If I can't do something 100% right, I give up. I have found time and again that it's a bad approach to a healthy lifestyle. So I'm going to give it my all and if I slip up, then I will get back on track. How have you guys been able to forgive yourselves and move forward? Any tips are greatly appreciated.

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