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MYREALANA SparkPoints: (30,332)
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3/3/10 8:14 A

It's certainly a better choice than a fast food burger if you're in a hurry.

I wouldn't think they're a great staple for your diet, but not bad sometimes.

KRISS55 Posts: 400
3/3/10 3:46 A

They taste alright to me, but they are quite high in calories for what you get. 320 calories for one? Well you could have a six inch sub from subway for about the same calories (no dressing/cheese) and thats way more filling, and probably costs about the same.

SILLYBERRY Posts: 1,321
3/3/10 12:58 A

I eat Lean Pockets on occasion. With a big salad, they can be a fast easy meal.

Would that be my nightly meal? No. But I wouldn't give them a universal thumbs-down, either.

3/2/10 11:24 P

And don't forget to look at the ratio between total fat and saturated fat. It's not bad for you to eat something that has twice the fat of a Lean Pocket, if it has little or no saturated fat. It IS bad for you to eat something like ice cream or chocolate, where a lot of the total fat comes from saturated fat.

And yes, it has very high sodium, but honestly, it seems like everything else does too. I just try to drink a ton of water because keeping to my sodium range is, I've discovered since tracking, completely unrealistic.

3/2/10 11:17 P

I like my whole grain lean pockets for breakfast - they fill me up. I haven't tried the Kashi ones.

3/2/10 10:30 P

GO TEAM KASHI! Those meals are so good but really hard for me to find! Right now there are plenty of $1 off coupons for them too! Plus there are vegan options as well as omni-options for those that like a little chicken.

3/2/10 10:27 P

If you have to eat a frozen meal, I'd check out the Kashi ones. They usually have lots of veggies, whole grains, they're lower on sodium than other frozen meals, and high on protein and fiber. Having said that, some of the Lean Pockets DO taste good; I would probably have them in moderation. Mostly, it's a lot of sodium and calories for something to not be very filling.

3/2/10 10:24 P

NEVER! They used to be my vice. I would eat a lean pocket everyday and got frustrated because I was still hungry and those things put me way over my sodium limit. Don't forget about how important sodium is! You will NOT lose weight if you eat these plus other sodium ridden foods. There's nothing healthy about a "lean pocket" stuffed with processed meat, cheese, and breads. There are much better alternatives, even if you opt for something frozen. For example my favorites are:

Amy's Kitchen Enchiladas
Kashi Veggie Bake
Amy's Kitchen Teriyaki Bowl

SUNGLASSES19 Posts: 470
3/2/10 9:14 P

I used to live on Lean Cuisine and Lean Pockets at work, but nothing beats a huge salad. Little or no dressing or you ruin the whole thing, but very satisfying. If you put on lots of veggies with a high water content (red peppers, cucumber) you won't need all that dressing. I LOVE balsamic vinegar and that's low cal too.

-AIRYN- Posts: 2,389
3/2/10 8:36 P

Yay for pepperoni pizza ones! They hit my pizza craving and are quick and are portioned controlled!! If I want pizza and order one I eat 2, 3 or 4 pieces so I can control my portions.

FITWITHIN Posts: 25,991
3/2/10 6:26 P

Nay, too much sodium and not filling

ANGELPOO Posts: 366
3/2/10 1:10 P

Nay. One pocket i snot enough to satisfy me. I have found many other options that are healthier and more filling

SONICB Posts: 4,381
3/2/10 12:24 P

I have them every now and then to save on time, but the sodium content is pretty high. I also always pair one with a fruit (apple or banana).

LIMONADE34 Posts: 925
3/2/10 12:08 P

I agree with everything Kalorie Killah said. And even though they are low-calorie, Lean Pockets are not a balanced meal. I will occasionally have a Lean Cuisine for lunch at work when I forget to bring lunch, but I wouldn't eat them on a regular basis. Also, the chicken in those frozen meals has the consistency of rubber.

You should check out for recipe ideas. They have everything so you can make your own healthy meals!

SHOZZIE Posts: 949
3/2/10 12:01 P

I like having them when I am running really behind since I can eat them quick, but they are not nearly as satisfying or filling as other 300 calorie dinners for me.

KLEVERKIRA Posts: 1,099
3/2/10 12:00 P

Nay, but I find them unsatisfying and not very tasty. If I'm going to have that much sodium and processed food, I would rather eat a Lean Cuisine dinner for the same amount of calories.

LETOVERN Posts: 2,603
3/2/10 11:57 A

I used to buy them when they were really cheap on sale. They DO tastew good. But they are not satisfying enough for me. I'd rather have a sandwich. The sodium in a LeanPocket isn't much worse than a home-made deli meat sandwich, but I find that my own sandwich + an apple is more filling, for the same calories or less. But yes, you will lose weight eating a Lean Pocket, if it satisfies you.

KALORIE-KILLAH SparkPoints: (0)
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3/2/10 11:35 A

I say "nay" because...

a) I personally find them extremely unsatisfying. I feel like I can eat one in 5 bites and I'm left completely underwhelmed and wanting something else. Maybe pairing it with a salad could work for some people, but I'd rather eat something that is wholesome in itself.

b) Sodium! All of those frozen, pre-made, pre-packaged foods probably have at least 500+ mg of sodium in it. No thank you.

c) Price. $5 for two Lean Pockets doesn't make sense to me in any way.

Mind you, I used to eat these ALL the time when I was doing internships/co-ops in college, and if I needed a quick bite to eat. I'll never go back!

Remember - there's no one food that can take all the credit for hindering weight loss. Just like everything else, moderation is key. If you can incorporate a Lean Pocket meal in your daily diet and still fall within your ranges on your nutrition tracker, your fine.

But, first thing's first: get rid of the "diet" mentality!

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MAJOOD85 Posts: 935
3/2/10 11:29 A

So... I bought a lean pockets chicken and cheese yesterday and I had it... tasted pretty good... around 300 cals... small portion... Whole wheat... which means it has fiber... only 6 grams of fat... So do you think I can eat one lean pockets a day for dinner... to keep control of my portion size? Since its only 300 cals... i should be able to lose weight even if i eat it?

Anyone have lean pockets and lose weight?
Will i lose weight if i have that... or will it ruin my dieT?


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