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10/19/13 6:36 P

Thanks for all the great ideas! I bought some flat bread and pizza topping stuff and Morning Star burgers for the next time I don't feel like cooking :)

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10/19/13 6:44 A

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I do some sort of sandwich with a big salad or I nuke one of the frozen meals I keep on hand for just such emergencies.

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10/19/13 2:10 A

My husband LOVES pizza - preferably the nasty grease bucket PH.

What I do is get a pita and put the sauce and cheese and pepperoni on it. I personally prefer to make some homemade jalapeno cheese bread but the pita pizzas are awesome and he will gladly take them. Less than 5 minutes to make.

If that is too much cooking for you, get the Morningstar Veggie burgers. My husband is extremely picky yet he likes these. Just pop em in the microwave and voila! I like to top mine with a sprinkle of cheese and some salsa. :)

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10/19/13 2:01 A

Anything that gets thrown into the crock pot - I always feel so accomplished to say "dinner's done" before noon...just waiting to be served up hot in a few hours!

This week it was turning a rump roast into beef fajitas! -- Added a fajita seasoning packet + 1 jar of salsa, one onion chopped & one red pepper + 1 can of black beans. Cook until done (@ 5-6 hrs) and then shred the meat.
I served up w/ brown rice + beef + shredded cheese. Could add sour cream if desired. Family enjoyed.

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10/19/13 1:38 A

I like veggie packed omelet with whole grain toast and fruit
Sandwich and soup
Frozen chicken and fish that you can bake quickly. You can microwave a sweet potato and pair it with a salad

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10/19/13 12:52 A

You've already got great ideas from previous posters.

Here's my go-to lazy meal: I take 2 chicken breast tenderloins and microwave them after sprinkling them with Mrs. Dash. That takes 2-3 minutes in the microwave. While they cool, I prepare a big bowl of salad greens with grated carrot, 1/4 of an avocado, some yellow or red bell pepper, and maybe some tomato. Chop the cooled chicken and serve over the salad with salsa as a fat-free salad dressing. The whole thing is about 200 calories, and gives you 2-3 servings of veggies. I always have the salad fixings in my fridge -- I keep them on hand a staples. The whole meal takes about 5-7 minutes to prepare and it's delicious and filling.

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10/18/13 10:42 P

I'm a firm believe in bulk-cooking meals, partly for this exact reason. I have soups, and various casseroles in single serve containers so I can take what I want, when I want it. I make sure that they all have lots of veges in them, and because, altho' I eat meat, I don't often eat a lot of it, and I need a lot of fibre, so I extend these meals with red lentils. They way they all contain a reasonable amount of protein, too. I can have them on their own, knowing they are apartly balanced, or have a piece of toast with them. Apart from the benefits of enabling you to have a truly lazy day without cooking, this method saves money re taking good advantage of meat/vege specials, and on lot of power/gas for cooking and cleaning up after.


10/18/13 9:19 P

Thank you so much ICEDEMETER for the thoughtful detailed reply! I didn't even think about freezing homemade meals. I'll definitely think ahead and prepare some next week :)

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10/18/13 7:28 P

I usually have a few things in the freezer for those "I don't wanna cook" days --- items that I made in batches on the days when I did feel like cooking!

Right now I've got meat sauce (which only takes a few minutes to thaw and warm on the stove) which we throw over steamed veggies or pasta, portions of pasta/veggie casserole, and a couple of different frittata mixtures. I also have some cooked and sliced chicken breasts and roast beef in the freezer, since they thaw quickly and are easy to throw in to stuff.

If I'm looking for something quick, then I tend towards either an omelet (throw in anything that isn't moving fast enough to avoid me), a stir-fry (same deal), or chop up a couple of tomatoes and onions and throw it in to a foil package with a spritz of olive oil, some spices, and a couple of fish fillets --- they cook beautifully in about 20 minutes at 350 degrees in the oven.

Since your boyfriend likes pizza, you might consider making your own (either buy pre-made crusts, or use whole-grain tortillas, or pre-make and freeze some cauliflower crusts) --- it doesn't take long, and you control the toppings so you don't need to worry about excess cheese and grease.

Another quick and easy option is to throw a can of soup on, with a handful of lentils and barley and a bunch of extra veggies --- or to have some in the freezer (which reminds me - time to get some soup made and frozen...)

Of course, there's always the option of giving the boyfriend cooking classes for his next birthday gift...

Hope this gives you some ideas!

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10/18/13 7:26 P

fish sticks, a roasted chicken, tuna on biscuit. You need to cook to avoid processed high fat/ salt. The chicken could be cooked early in the week, just coat with some olive oil, some salt, pepper, in the oven for 90 minutes and done.

10/18/13 7:02 P

I always happen to have one of those days where I don't want to cook dinner at least 1-2 days a week. My boyfriend always seems to want pizza when this happens which gives me stomach problems later on from all the cheese and grease.

Do you have any lazy meal ideas that doesn't involve a lot of cooking? (preferably healthy)


Note: Boyfriend doesn't know how to cook.

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