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4/8/12 12:06 P

You can eat anything for lunch! This weekend I made some chickpea piccata, which is chickpeas cooked in a lemony white wine sauce with lots of shallots, and then garnished with capers, and I'm serving it on top of caulipots (which is like mashed potatoes, except you replace half the potato with cauliflower, and you don't use any milk or cream!). I've also prepared my lunches for the upcoming work week. I made a batch of broccoli polenta and I'll be topping it with homemade pepperonata and roasted cauliflower (I had half a head left after the caulipots!). For dinner I'm going to eat homemade Greek salad with added white beans for protein, on a bed of spinach (for more protein). Just pick up a cookbook and find a recipe you like! If you're looking for recipes that are lower in carbs, try books designed for people following the South Beach Diet (you can find lots in the public library).

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4/8/12 11:01 A

eat all foods in moderation!

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4/7/12 12:35 P

Do you track your food? Is it telling you, your getting to many carbs? Carbs are fuel for our body we need them.Start looking up new recipes if you are getting to many carbs a day. I love stirfrys like someone else said on here super easy and you can throw in some meat too. Eat whole grain breads. Also carbs are not just bread and grains, there are carbs in fruits dairy everything. Make your favorite sandwhich a salad instead.

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4/7/12 12:25 P

I try to keep my carbs on the low side -- but I also love sandwiches. Fortunately, my grocery store has a good selction of bread products to choose from. Once I started reading all the labels, I found some good bread options that are MUCH lower in carbs that most others.

There are a couple of brands of wraps that make low-carb versions. The ones I have in my fridge now are made by La Banderita and are actually tortillas. They are only 81 calories a piece and have 11 g. total carbs (5 g. net carbs). I also have some Arnold whole grain + flax and fiber sandwich thins. 2 of those contain 100 calories and 21 g. of total carbs (5 g.of fiber).

Compare those numbers with 2 slices of regular bread or a big sandwich roll. Reading the labels has helped me reduce my carb load significantly.

I also often choose to have just a half a sandwich instead of whole one -- and have a light side dish (cottege cheese, fruit, salad, etc.) to complete the meal.

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4/6/12 11:37 P

I usually eat salads at lunch with some type of meat. I hardly ever eat bread, pasta, rice etc. I find I can pack on weight too easily eating them. You can sandwich anything between 2 pieces of lettuce. I do that a lot. I like to think of it as a lettuce sandwich.

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4/6/12 11:31 P

Vegetables are also carbs as well as starches and fruits. I count it all.

4/6/12 11:56 A

I plan my vegetables and protein and find that the carbs take care of themselves. I LOVE carbs in any form so I try to stay away from them or I would eat nothing BUT carbs.

In reviewing what I used to eat before using sparkpeople, I was generally under eating protein every day, but very much overeating carbs. I was surprised at how much lean protein I needed to consume every day to be within the daily guidelines.

Once I started consciously adding extra vegetables and a weighed/measured (not eyeballed) amount of protein, the carbs sort of fit in as an afterthought - and I became much less interesed in eating them as well!

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4/6/12 11:53 A

Make sure you use a whole grain bread for your sandwich. I like Nature's Own Double Fiber bread which has 5g fiber in each slice and is very tasty.

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4/6/12 10:53 A

Stir fries are always easy, and tasty. I do a lot of one big meal split inot lunch/dinner. Or cook up a days chicken, and have 2 different vegetables with it.

If you want it carried to work,and cold.. why not cook up some turkey, and cut it into strips, and have a side of berries with that

Isn't it amazing how we always think of what we can't have, and not what is allowed.. Go to a fruit and veggie mart, and look at the selection. I can eat a tomato like an apple, and you can carry it around, or slice it , and keep it in tupperware. Salads are good, as long as you can get a dressing without sugar.

Hope you get a bunch of ideas, and work this out.

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4/6/12 9:32 A

What are you eating the rest of the day? You need carbs in your diet and there's ways to improve your carb intake, like eating a lot of fruits & veggies and eating whole grain wheat products. If you were eating eggs for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, and chicken & veggies for dinner, the only really carbs you're getting is your sandwich & veggies. I wouldn't cut out your sandwich for lunch as there's no need to unless you're really getting too many carbs the rest of the day.

4/6/12 9:19 A

Not here. I watch portion, calories, and keep fat grams under 50/day. I get over 100g of carbs/day and have lost almost 10 lbs in 2 weeks. It may work for some, but for me, I need my carbs and will not let them go again!

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4/6/12 9:16 A

Any particular reason you're not wanting carbs? Carbs aren't the enemy. :) Try swapping out your usual simple carbs for healthier complex carbs like whole grains - you can also save a lot of calories and carbs by switching to wraps instead of bleached white bread.

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4/6/12 8:18 A

just add alot of fruit and veggies. if u eat carbs make sure they are whole wheat

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4/6/12 7:43 A

Just about anything you can have for dinner you can have for lunch.

I tend to do a lot of stirfrys for dinner: basically just a ton of veggies all cooked together. That or stews which are pretty much the same thing. A big, thick lentil stew would work. Or any Indian curry dish. Back on point, don't just make it for dinner, make a ton of it and put it in containers in the fridge ready to warm up at work.

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4/6/12 5:24 A

I find myself wanting to watch my calorie intake, but how do I watch my calorie intake without eating too many carbs? I find myself eating sandwiches all the time, but I make sure I eat one portion of everything in the sandwich so it's healthy, I just want to know how do I lay off the carbs or what can I eat for lunch instead of eating a sanwich

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