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BETHWILHELM SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (90)
Posts: 13
5/2/11 9:54 A

I'm a fan f popcorn as a snack. It's lowfat and tasty!

JANDAPAUR SparkPoints: (7,302)
Fitness Minutes: (3,703)
Posts: 13
5/1/11 12:20 P

Grapes and greek yogurt 2% - the combination of the flavours is really surprising - tastes like you're eating something quite naughty!

RRJAMISON SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (645)
Posts: 32
4/29/11 2:22 P

I ate air popped porcorn and a glass of water. I try not to drink water so late, because then you wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Fruit is another good alternative.

4/24/11 10:21 P

baby carrots and a glass of water

JOYCEE1942 SparkPoints: (3,058)
Fitness Minutes: (86)
Posts: 109
4/15/11 5:03 P

Have you tried peeling a cucumber and slicing it across. Mix Salsa and low fat sour cream.........tip the cucumber in's so yummy.......hugs, joyceee

JOYCEE1942 SparkPoints: (3,058)
Fitness Minutes: (86)
Posts: 109
4/15/11 5:00 P

Have you tried peeling a cucumber and slicing it across. Mix Salsa and low fat sour cream.........tip the cucumber in's so yummy.......hugs, joyceee

ALICIAYOUNG1127 Posts: 110
4/8/11 10:34 P

sadly I turn to bread!!!ugh

SUNRISE14 Posts: 5,216
3/31/11 4:39 A

Eat a dried prune or two everynight before i go to bed ! emoticon

ALEXANDERLISA SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (6,709)
Posts: 428
3/29/11 1:58 P

I have that late night snack attack also, I keep grapes at my bedside, they do the trick and they are so lowfat emoticon or I will eat an activia light.

BLESSEDINFLA SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 3
3/23/11 7:30 P

Weight Watchers make a chocolate fudge rasberry pop it's delicious.Be Blessed

SUNRISE14 Posts: 5,216
3/17/11 6:18 A

I like the date idea ! emoticon emoticon

DIREXTOR Posts: 212
3/13/11 11:39 P

11 chips and salsa

WALIDGAZALA Posts: 8,106
3/13/11 1:31 P

an orange

TBJE125 Posts: 307
3/12/11 7:56 P

I love sugar free fudge pops

ZOEYBLU Posts: 68,606
3/8/11 5:34 P

I have an apple ....sliced

Seems to work for me

ANNESTARR SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (41,253)
Posts: 1,239
3/7/11 12:59 P

Ate M&M's plain last night before bed... feeling crummy this morning, but I must let it go and move on.

SNAPPY5098 Posts: 13
3/6/11 6:56 A

Graham crackers, can't eat more than 4. If that's not enough, 10-20 g of 70 % chocolate.

Alternatively, youghurt 2 % w added frozen berries.

Or popcorn.

LADYBUG180 Posts: 12
3/4/11 10:46 P

I cut up some strawberries and sprinkle them with a tsp of splenda. After a few minutes they make a little juice but they taste wonderful and only 65 cal. for about 12 berries. It doesn't take that many to satisfy my sweet tooth.

3/4/11 10:44 P

A fruit and yogurt smoothie. Satisfies the sweet tooth.

GRACIESMOM70 Posts: 1,345
3/2/11 1:29 P

cut up apples shook up with cinnamon and splenda, dry cereal, popcorn, rice cakes

JDAVIS1975 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (9,015)
Posts: 96
2/17/11 8:49 P

Love Trader Joe's Lite Kettle Corn

TBJE125 Posts: 307
2/13/11 2:58 P

Love 40 calories fudgsicle or smart pop popcorn; depends whether I want chocolate or salt


MZKT313 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,653)
Posts: 224
2/13/11 1:01 P

I'll usually have some oil popped popcorn with no butter and cheese flavor seasoning... YUM!!!

GONEWLIFE Posts: 7,127
2/12/11 11:19 A

I eat a low fat low cal homemade muffin !

2/11/11 10:25 P

I like to eat almonds, about 10. This seems to keep my glucose number pretty good in the am.

COURTSTER17 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (485)
Posts: 23
2/11/11 8:50 A

i usually will eat a granola bar, fruit or some kettle corn. a little taste of something sweet without having too many mindless calories.

2/10/11 10:52 P

I always go to gum or cottage cheese with applesauce and cinnamon. Isn't as great as a cupcake but def. does the trick :D

MIMIDOT Posts: 5,224
2/9/11 5:34 P

I usually choose some fruit.

2/7/11 8:25 P

Sugar-free / fat-free pudding is my go-to sweet snack. It's only 60 calories a container, and if I pop it in the microwave for only a few seconds, it's nice and warm -- tastes like it just came out of the pan!

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MOIRAFITZ Posts: 458
2/2/11 5:36 P

I find that making some air popped popcorn or hot chocolate made with half the suggested amount of powder can be a great late night snack.

1/27/11 2:46 P

Great ideas!!

HASHEYCOLE74 SparkPoints: (64)
Fitness Minutes: (705)
Posts: 8
1/26/11 8:39 A

Check out the recipes on here =) There are a ton of awesome ones and they're good for you =)

GRACIESMOM70 Posts: 1,345
1/25/11 11:10 A

apple chips or dry cereal

GRACIESMOM70 Posts: 1,345
1/16/11 2:46 P

Last night I cut up (thin slices) of apple- sprinkled with splenda and cinnamon and baked for about 40 mins. Not only did it taste good but house smelled so good and I liked the extra heat- Really cold here.

ATLGIRL12 Posts: 24
1/16/11 12:27 P

Air popped popcorn - it has I think 100 calories for 3 cups so you can make a good size bowl and still have a reasonable snack. Fiber too! I use an olive oil spray can or you can spray it with Pam and I stand over it as it comes out and flies into the bowl and spray with one hand and season with the other so it sticks while it's hot - salt, garlic powder, grated parmesan - easy clean up too.

Fitness Minutes: (444)
Posts: 32
1/16/11 1:37 A

i used to have this problem bad but now i eat a bowl of quaker oatmeal 140 calories the one with bananas and walnuts and drink lots of water and recently i added a meal on my nutritional counter i named it night eating now i eat less knowing i'm gonna have to look at it under night eating and see i ate more at night than i did at lunch

LAURELSPARK SparkPoints: (102,898)
Fitness Minutes: (84,404)
Posts: 6,727
1/13/11 10:58 A

I usally eat something light like Veggie Straws or a bowl of oatmeal.

GRACIESMOM70 Posts: 1,345
1/13/11 10:24 A

cut up fruit or vegtables (frozen fruit pieces)- nuts, dry cereal and some 100 calorie pack of snacks

KRAZYWOLF Posts: 221
1/6/11 3:36 P

If your into juicing, try carrots, beets, spinach juice together. No digestion required, so stomach can rest and the nutrients are soaked into the blood system quickly for quick saticfaction!

AIRFORCECHICK24 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (20)
Posts: 5
1/5/11 3:03 P

Sugar free fudgesicles arent bad! I like them if I want something chocolate!

PBARON11 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 1
1/5/11 1:29 P

you could try some carrot sticks, they're munchy

JEDIGIRL76 Posts: 50
1/3/11 10:38 P

Sugar Free pudding made with FF milk is always a way to satisfy the sweet tooth without too much damage. Sugar free Popsicles are good too! If I am REALLY hungry, a bowl of cereal always does the trick, and at about 120 cals, it doesn't hurt too much!

SANGAFAYE1005 Posts: 214
1/3/11 10:31 P

I grab and apple, orange, or 1oz of nuts. If I eat the nuts around 3:00 pm or even 2 Tbs peanut butter with an apple I don't have cravings in the evenings before bed.

SEXYMOMMOM SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (445)
Posts: 1,333
12/30/10 9:03 A

a piece of chocolate cake.(always with water)I have water with everything,I love water.

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12/26/10 7:38 A


ELLEN0407 Posts: 2,037
12/24/10 9:10 A i do them often....sometimes. find a tea you like...i love the "i love lemon tea" and drink that. it takes a while, need no sweetening and is good. also i save points for a "controled desert" nightly. i eat an ice cream sandwich that is about 140cal. also you can count out special k crackers (they are actually very tasty) also 100 cal sandwich thin with 35 cal laughing cow lite is delish

BRASKIN SparkPoints: (74,348)
Fitness Minutes: (69,911)
Posts: 1,730
12/24/10 6:14 A

If I've got the need for something sweet....I eat two dates. That's enough to stop the craving.

CONVIRS68 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (327)
Posts: 53
12/23/10 1:39 P

Why is it we ALL feel like we should be munching in the evening? Water helps. Handheld games maybe? emoticon

SASSYLYN1956 Posts: 31
12/21/10 6:38 A

I used to have that problem too. Now I get busy doing something with my hands, like dusting or cleaning. Sometimes I drink a glass or two of water and go to bed.

ACGORMAN03 Posts: 2
12/21/10 3:40 A

I have a problem when it comes to snacking at night and was wondering if anyone had any healthy ideas?

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