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5/30/13 3:50 P

My heart goes out to you! You are certainly going through some very difficult times.

But now it's gut check time. While you're looking for ways to make money, you also need to take ownership of your body. I promise you will feel so much better, and your outlook on life will be sunnier.

I totally understand muscle/joint/body pain, and I admit that it's hard to find stuff you can do that won't hurt you. I recommend looking at videos on youtube. Maybe search for "low intensity workouts" to see what you can find.

Best of luck to you! emoticon

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5/30/13 2:49 P

workout.. it always makes me feel better

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5/26/13 8:58 A

Kay -
How are you today? It's a beautiful day here in Pittsburgh and I'm getting ready for Praise & Worship this morning.

I am looking forward to a day off from the grind, however, looking forward as well to God's blessings in my life.

I wish today for you God's richest blessings and for that job that will fit your education and budget. Keep me posted on your progress!

KAYEMBEE Posts: 22
5/22/13 8:03 A

Thanks so much for your reply. Yes, I have decided that I will look into home businesses as well. I have reached out to an organization called "Initials" that sells monogrammed handbags and other types of luggage. I also did some research on an organization called where you can provide help to others with child care, housework, etc. It is sad that I have a graduate degree in a technical field and I am looking for service type work. Believe me it is a VERY HUMBLING experience. I figure if I can find something that pays me more that unemployment and provides benefits I will go with it.

I just have to keep myself from getting too depressed.

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5/22/13 12:11 A

I so feel for you. I do not know exactly what you do for a living, however, I am a big advocate of health care - people will (unfortunately) be ill and need medical care. I have worked as a telephone operator for a major Pgh medical center for over three years now and I really do love what I do.
I also just signed up to be a sales rep with Miche Handbags and also resigned up to sell Mary Kay. I figure this way, I have all my bases covered.
I would never advocate that anyone should take on more than they can handle, however, in the interim a home-based business might be an option for you until you find that permanent employment again.
Hope this helps - God Bless.

KAYEMBEE Posts: 22
5/19/13 10:38 P

I thank everyone for the encouragement both with my job search and equally as important my weight loss struggles. I will definitely take your advice about the work outs with the hope that it helps me to continue to move forward.

Thank you!

ALYSSAR2012 Posts: 375
5/19/13 10:27 P

I use dvds in my laptop to work out. Also, you could find some workouts on youtube. You could go on brisk walks. I kind of know what you're going through. My mom was laid off in 2010 and couldn't find work for 2 years. We ended up in a shelter and had to start over.. I wish you the best of luck and hope you find work soon!

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5/19/13 6:18 A

Hi Karen - Happy Belated Birthday to you - mine is two days BEFORE :-)

I am sorry that you are being laid off work again, and can understand your worry. You obviously appear to have good transferable skills. Are your current employers in a position that they can suggest other places who may be requiring more staff?

One thing I did many years ago when I was laid off from an Office job was to start one end of te street (I lived in a small town) and went in to each business asking if they had work. I told them I was being made redundant, and didn't care what work I did, so long as it was work. On my 4th try I got a position in a retail shop selling clothes, material etc. I never missed a day of work. Another time I had no work, and nothing appeared to be on offer, so I walked into a clothing factory and asked if there was work going. I told them I was prepared to do anything. I got a job there and then, even tho' I told the manager I couldn't sew and had never learned to sew. I stayed there for over 3 years and became their sample machinist!

As far as exercise is concerned, you do way more than I did (because of skeletal issues) - I mostly get walks in, inside my own home, putting my groceries and laundry away one at a time. Today I got a 21 minutes walk in with laundry. Three days earlier it was 35 minutes walk with the both. Most of weight-loss generally comes down to nutrition. Because you have some issues, it would be best to ask your Dr what would be advisable to do and what to leave alone. Maybe ask for a referral to a Physiotherapist because this is their specialty area.

I wish you well in finding work, and with achieving all your goals.
Take care,

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5/18/13 10:34 P

Here is a great beginning workout plan from Sparkpeople. It is designed for people with diabetes, but you don't have to have diabetes to do it. It's totally free, and will help you get started with some simple strength training to supplement those walks you're taking. You don't have to buy any equipment to do these workouts.

Or, if it's better for you to do seated exercise while you are recovering from the knee injuries, here are some seated workout videos:

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5/18/13 8:40 P

Hello Karen,

Sounds like you have marketable skills and I certainly wish you well in finding the perfect fit for your work. You have my empathy with ups and downs. I have my own business and am never guaranteed a paycheck, it takes getting used to but has made me a very responsible budgeter.

Focusing on your weight management IMHO is a top priority. Our robust and thrive health is truly our greatest wealth. I have been to gyms only a handful of times, they are just not for me. I love being and doing things outside. Since at least 80% of our weight management is about nutrition this should be where you focus most of your effort. 45 minutes of walking your dogs everyday certainly will enhance your wellness and again IMHO sounds like enough , althought there are many added benefits if you do 3 days a week of some weight training. You do not need to go to a gym to be successful! Let me know how things go for you.

Happy belated birthday emoticon (mine is just a few days after yours) Spring babies!! emoticon I know for me Spring is my favorite time. Enjoy yours!! emoticon

KAYEMBEE Posts: 22
5/18/13 3:41 P

In February I was laid off and spent most of February and March looking for work. Things were going well and I had lots of hits for jobs. I had three really good prospects and felt really good about getting an offer from one of them. During that time another employer offered me a job which meant I could start right away as I waited for one of the others. I went to work for this company on April 1st which was also my birthday. During the time I was out of work I did really good with losing weight. I lost 17 pounds while off by monitoring what I ate but entering it into my the app - My Fitness. While at work I was able to maintain the weight loss but what I neglected to do was continue writing down everything I ate. Now I am afraid to get back on the scale to see where my weight is.

On May 6th, the department I work for was told that they had lost their funding for the FAA project we were on. So once again I will be laid off by the end of the month. It has to do with the sequester. I have lost all motivation and am very depressed. I can't believe that for the first five months of this year I have worked two and am actively looking for work. I want so badly to lose 100 pounds. I also struggle with the exercise part of my weight loss. I used kettle bells and pulled out my shoulder. Then I slipped on wet tile in my bathroom and messed up my knees. I was using a cane for quite a while and am taking arthritis medication for them. I do walk my dogs for at leas 45 minutes everyday. But I am concerned it's not enough.

I just need to find my way back with my weight loss quest as well a good exercise program. I don't have the money to go to the gym so it needs to be something I can do at home. I desperately need something to go right for me, and losing weight right now is the only thing I feel I can control.

Any suggestions are welcome...
Karen emoticon

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