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8/27/13 8:41 P

For the tofu, you would be looking for the calcium-set tofu.
You can purchase low-lactose milk.
You can use the pills or drops to digest the lactose when you do consume dairy products. These are easily available in your pharmacy.
You can also use calcium-fortified alternative milks, yogurt, and cheese: soy, almond, rice, hemp, etc.

Then there are also non-dairy sources that are included in the SP article that another member already shared the link.

Many choices!!
Your SP Registered Dietitian

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8/27/13 5:47 P

Some tofu is also very high in calcium. Before you say, "Eww, tofu???" look up some recipes. You'll be surprised-- it can substitute for cheese, for chicken, and can even be a base for creamy desserts. Not only will it help with caffeine, it might solve some of the "You mean I can't have pudding?" situations with the milk.

One of the middle American grains has a good amount of calcium, too. I can't remember if it's quinoa or amaranth, but either one can stand in for rice and give you extra protein as well as minerals.

If you do use soy or almond "milk," be sure to shake it up well every time you're getting ready to pour it. Since the calcium is added, it tends to settle out. If you don't shake really well, most of the calcium ends up stuck to the bottom of the carton when you toss it.

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8/27/13 4:33 P

People who are intolerant to dairy can usually manage to eat hard cheese o.k. I use a good, low-fat tasty cheddar.

Yoghurt may not be a favourite, but have you tried various brands and flavours? I have a couple that I absolutely love and love me, but there are some that aren't anywhere near as good.

I use Low Fat Soy Milk. When you use an alternative milk, make sure that it is a good source of calcium - some need to be fortified - and also a good source of protein - some don't have much. I use my Soy Milk for anything that I would have used ordinary milk for.

Where it comes to calcium, eating canned salmon (with the bones in still) and sardines is a great way to increase your calcium, increase your protein and get some healthy fats in the process.


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8/27/13 3:47 P

Almond milk is actually a lot higher in calcium that cow's milk is - just look for the unflavored, unsweetened variety.

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8/27/13 3:04 P

I know dark leafy greens are high in calcium, but I second the suggestion to check out the vegan teams for ideas. I also googled 'non-dairy sources of calcium' and this came up:

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8/27/13 2:29 P

I agree! But I know my calcium is low and I need that nutrient. Im trying to avoid supplements.

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8/27/13 2:20 P

Check in the vegan teams. I am sure that they would have good substitutes for dairy products.

I am sure that there is plenty you can use without resorting to yogurt. It is terrible to feel you must consume something. When it is something you don't like

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8/27/13 2:17 P

So I have used Spark People before years ago and was very successful. I had some physiucall issues and I am now much heaveir than I ever was. I also am now lactose intollerant. I want to use the meal planners I love them! But I dont kow what are good replacments for dairy products? I can usually eat yogurts with out much stomach issues. But yogurt is not a favorite of mine. Any suggestions?

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