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2/15/13 2:07 P

I am not sure exactly what you are talking about. But...
To keep your gallbladder working well during weight loss, it is imporant to be eating within your SP fat range each daily...and to make sure you are getting at least 11 grams of fat at one meal. This will then have your gallbladder release bile as it is supposed to on daily basis.

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2/15/13 1:23 P

Has anyone had an experience with a lack of bile salts? I have had some symptoms the last 3 days and am becoming slightly concerned. Any suggestions how to fix on your own without a physician? I know this can lead to gallstones and/or issues with one's liver, but, without health insurance, if I can prevent everything and fix this on my own, I want to give it a try. Thanks in advance for the help!

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