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1/24/14 2:13 P


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1/23/14 7:34 P

I recently found this as well and really LOVE it !! Very convenient.

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1/23/14 2:16 P

No Problem!

I'm using it today at Super Target!


MASON_EMKAY Posts: 147
1/22/14 3:38 P

Thank you! Love it!

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1/22/14 2:29 P

You're Welcome! emoticon

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1/22/14 1:05 P

Looks like a nice planning tool. Thanks for sharing. Didn't know it existed prior.

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1/22/14 12:58 P


Confused by blank? emoticon

Do you mean you just see a white page w/nothing?

Or - do you mean you see the lay out, boxes, categories and those are blank?


Want to make sure I posted the link correctly. emoticon

If y'all are talkin' about the 2nd:

I plan my menu for the week, so I love it bc I'm able to use the days of the week boxes first and then fill in the grocery list boxes..Then, it is a great visual for me to truly notice if I have too many carbs or frozen items (besides frozen veggies.)

I'm a server at Cracker Barrel Friday thru Sunday 5PM to Close so sometimes I have to lean on frozen meals like Lean Cuisine and so forth. That helps me NOT order food from work!!
You get a 50% off discount on Employee Meal.. Gotta stay away from that!


GUDDIGO Posts: 1,081
1/22/14 12:32 P

Thank you for sharing

LOUIE-LILY Posts: 5,714
1/22/14 12:00 P

I keep my shopping lists on my smartphone, check things off as I buy them, and uncheck them again when I need them. But this looks like a good organizational tool if someone prefers to have a printed list.

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1/22/14 11:28 A

After being on SparkPeople for nine months, last week for the first time, I entered an entire week of meals into the nutrition tracker and printed off a grocery list. That is an awesome tool, too. This looks like a blank form to use as a first step before entering it into the tracker. I can see the use of that, particularly for items that might have left-overs with a short shelf life. Also, as mentioned, it highlights if you've gotten too repetitive or missed any area.

EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
1/22/14 11:10 A

Is it supposed to be a blank list?
That's all I got.

Looks like a nice organizational tool, though.

Thanks for the link

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1/21/14 4:02 P

SPARK * Grocery List Template * Print Off

I have used this for 3 weeks now and just LOVE IT!

Something so simple has truly helped me to do "more thinking" about what goes on my Grocery List and WHY!

It has even helped me notice (visually) that I was not buying enough FRESH produce and veggies!

Many of my Spark Team Friends/Members are using it and loving it as well.

emoticon Spark!


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