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12/2/12 12:15 A

I did but the only thing is I was sitting at 245lbs before i had my surgery. I am holding in at 210 lbs right now which is great but when i step on the scale on the 6 of this month at the nutritionist office i think that she will tell me that it will ready more or less. but i not worried, i am working hard at keeping it off and now i have clothes that are way to big for me.

i started doing more chair exercises and it helps me alot because i dont have to use my legs much. i see the surgeon again on december 12. i will keep you all posted on my progress

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11/27/12 7:37 P

Apparently you have had a lot of swelling to get rid of, so I'd be happy and not worry about it. Inflammation in our bodies can make us retain fluid.

ESHARA43 SparkPoints: (29,246)
Fitness Minutes: (20,013)
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11/27/12 1:12 P

In the past 9 weeks I have went from 245 lb down 211.9 lbs and I cant see how that is possible. I don't do anything special and just sit on my ass all day because I cant do any exercises because of my right leg. But I am still losing weight. I have seen a dietitian and she thinks that it just because I am depressed but I cant see it. I love losing the weight but i am scared that I will end up gaining it all bad plus some.

I am going to keep track of how much I lose and also keep track of what I eat everyday. I want to keep the weight off but I feel so lost when I think of what I am doing. I am going to set a new goal to keep the weight off. Because losing 27.1 lbs is great I feel like I will gain it all back. I am going to start doing low cardio zumba that doesnt require me to use my legs to much and see if I can keep it of that way.

I hope I have your support my spark friends because I will need it

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